5 top hacks to step up your B2B content marketing strategy in 2017

5 top hacks to step up your B2B content marketing strategy in 2017

5 top hacks to step up your B2B content marketing strategy in 2017. What can you experiment with in 2017 to boost your content marketing strategy? Video, especially live, is the big hit of recent years. Boost your traffic with user-generated content Who do your customers trust? That’s why the most persuasive content today is not created by brands, but by other users just like your prospects. Besides this, user-generated content (UGC) is also a real content hack, as it requires very little direct contribution from your marketing team. Invest in micro-targeting and hyper-personalization Another important trend that can boost your content strategy is micro-targeting. But you can also take your personalization efforts further by embedding customized messages in your social media exchanges with your audience and in your email marketing campaigns. In terms of your content creation, you can give a go to content upgrades and multimedia production and create sufficient opportunities for user-generated content. Join us today!

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While content marketing has turned into one of the most widely embraced B2B approaches in recent years, its effects can take a while to become evident. Building up a strategy and applying it consistently take time and effort.

Creating meaningful and useful content and distributing it efficiently are just one side of the coin. Making the most of this marketing strategy requires digging deep into the ways you can attract and retain your customers. This year, it’s all about understanding the mechanisms through which you can meaningfully influence people.

What can you experiment with in 2017 to boost your content marketing strategy? Well, there are proven hacks that can help you make a big leap in reaching your target audience and converting leads at a faster pace.

From perfecting your content with upgrades and multimedia and encouraging user-generated content to boosting your technical expertise and applying the “Rule of Seven,” the ingenious shortcuts presented below are worth giving a shot.

1. Create in-depth content upgrades

One of the main principles that B2B marketers are embracing in 2017 is that content should only be created for real people, and not for search engines. Instead of aiming for quick SEO success, you should invest in in-depth content because longer copy ranks and converts well.

An effective method for publishing in-depth copy that does not take ages to produce is to craft content upgrades. In essence, these are content pieces that are attached to a well-performing existing article or a newly created blog post and offer additional insight to the reader. Often, upgrades contain bonus tips, a PDF version of the post, kits, checklists, worksheets, useful templates and training videos, among others.

Besides providing valuable information to your readers, content upgrades are a great opportunity to collect prospects’ contacts. In exchange for downloading your free content upgrade, people have to sign up with their email address. These leads have shown an interest in the topics you are talking about, so their contacts can be used for lead nurturing and for distributing your content to targeted groups.

2. Embrace multimedia content creation

You can’t improve your content marketing in 2017 if you don’t dedicate time for multimedia. You should bravely go beyond written content to engage your B2B customers. Multimedia content creation has been a leading force in marketing strategies in 2016, and you can easily join the trend.

Video, especially live, is the big hit of recent years. It’s projected to represent 79 percent of global web traffic by 2020.

Tutorials, FAQs, product videos and explainers should all be an indispensable part of your content marketing mix. Braver B2B brands are also experimenting with live broadcasting, which can be used for streaming from industry events and workshop sessions, among others. Slideshare presentations, podcasts, webinars, visual content, infographics and appealing visuals within written content also can be valuable additions to your strategy.

It’s important to note here that multimedia doesn’t necessarily take a ton of time to produce. Instead of creating separate content for each media type, you can repurpose content in different media formats, so you can utilize its full potential across platforms.

As far as video goes, you don’t have to hire a whole film crew anymore. You can use the camera of your mobile device or computer to create on-the-go footage for sharing.