How Knowing Your “Why” Can Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Knowing Your “Why” Can Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Knowing Your “Why” Can Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy. But what’s the underlying purpose of your digital marketing? What specific goals are you hoping to achieve? It wasn’t just to “generate more leads.” Being specific will help you develop an intelligent approach and allow you to measure your progress along the way. At the core of any successful campaign is a digital marketer with a clear understanding of whom they’re trying to reach. Which digital marketing techniques/channels allow me to reach my target audience? Once you have a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish and whom you’re trying to reach, you need to figure out which avenues you’ll take to do so. For instance, let’s say you’re trying to figure out which social networks to focus on. The point I’m trying to make here is that measuring your digital marketing strategy every step of the way enables you to make the right adjustments and capitalize on opportunities to increase the likelihood of your goal being actualized. What’s the primary goal of your digital marketing strategy?

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Many digital marketers carry out their daily tasks in a furious frenzy.

They send out email blasts, update social media, perform keyword research and so on, trying to accomplish as much as possible.

Working hard and staying busy makes us feel we’re being productive.

But how many people stop to think about why they’re doing what they’re doing?

Of course, you want to generate leads, increase brand exposure, improve conversions, etc.

But what’s the underlying purpose of your digital marketing?

What specific goals are you hoping to achieve?

In this post, I talk about how knowing your why can help you optimize and ultimately revolutionize your digital marketing strategy.

I’ll explain some specific reasons why this is worth your time.

In addition, I’m going to provide a basic formula to help you figure out your why so you can start seeing immediate benefits.

The golden circle

In 2009, author, speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek delivered a TED Talk called How great leaders inspire action,

He pointed out that some of the world’s most successful brands and leaders had something in common.

I believe he specifically mentioned Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright brothers.

The overlap among them was they understand why they do what they do.

While everyone knows what they do, and many know how they do it, very few know why they do it.

He breaks this all down into what he to refers as “The Golden Circle,” which is illustrated like this:

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Knowing why means you understand your purpose.

You’re not merely going through the motions and haphazardly completing tasks each day.

There’s a distinct purpose that’s driving you, which is important for three key reasons.

1. Clarity

Digital marketing is a wide umbrella.

Here are just a few components you might integrate into your digital marketing strategy at any given time:

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If you’re not sure what you’re trying to achieve, you won’t be very effective.

There’s just no way around it.

In fact, the brands lacking a purpose are often get caught up in a so-called spray-and-pray mindset, where they tinker with this and that without thinking ahead.

Taking this type of approach seldom yields favorable results and usually wastes time and money.

When you know your why, you have a clear vision of what you’re looking to accomplish and what your purpose is.

Having clarity inevitably helps you pick and choose specific digital marketing strategies and lets you know which metrics you need to measure.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say your goal is to increase leads to your website by 25% within six months.

This would provide you with a sense of direction.

All of a sudden, you know why you’re choosing certain strategies and which actions you need to take to give yourself the best possible chance of reaching that goal.

For instance, you might do the following:

  • look for an analytics tool that provides in-depth insights on website traffic
  • identify which three strategies/channels are bringing the bulk of your traffic
  • put more of your effort into optimizing those three strategies/channels
  • continually examine key metrics to spot areas of improvement
  • consistently strive to improve those areas until you reach your goal of 25% more leads

2. Efficiency

Following a step-by-step approach like this is much more efficient than a spray-and-pray campaign, lacking any forethought.

Let’s say you were getting the bulk of your leads from SEO, YouTube and long-form content, but the…