Why You’re Losing Email Subscribers (and How to Fix That)

Why You’re Losing Email Subscribers (and How to Fix That)

Take a look at these reasons why you might be losing email subscribers and ways how to fix what's wrong. You send too many emails. Mailbakery Blog How to fix it: You don’t need a graphic designer to make your emails eye-catching. Take advantage of the email marketing templates offered by email marketing services like Mailchimp. With drag and drop templates, you can easily insert your company logo and stunning images that will impress readers and keep them interested. When the people on your email list consistently find themselves uninterested in your messages based on your subject line, eventually they’ll realize there’s no point in staying subscribed to your list. It will also tell you what words in your subject line will decrease opens and allow you to preview what your subject line will look like in inboxes on desktop and mobile. Subscribers receiving emails that are completely unrelated to what they signed up for will quickly unsubscribe. Start segmenting your emails so that you can give your subscribers exactly what they want and at exactly the right time. Over to you It’s totally normal to lose subscribers from time to time; this happens to every business.

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It’s totally normal to lose some subscribers. But, caution: You may be annoying or angering your subscribers without realizing it.

Why You're Losing Email Subscribers (and How to Fix That)

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If you’ve spent a ton of time building an email list, you’ll likely find it disheartening losing multiple subscribers a day. You might even be thinking, What am I doing wrong?

The answer may be nothing: It’s totally natural and common to lose email subscribers here and there. But, if you’re losing a bunch at a time, the reason is probably a simple mistake or two that you’re making with your email marketing. It’s even possible that you’re annoying or angering your subscribers without realizing it.

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Luckily, you can identify where you’re going wrong and easily fix it, so that you can get back to delighting your email subscribers with messages that increase engagement and encourage them to buy.

So, let’s stop your subscribers from hitting that dreaded “Unsubscribe” button. Take a look at these reasons why you might be losing email subscribers and ways how to fix what’s wrong.

You send too many emails.

I’m sorry, but nobody wants to deal with a company that comes across like a stage-five clinger. If you’re sending subscribers an email every single day, or worse, multiple times a day, they’re going to get annoyed — fast. With inboxes that are overflowing with emails, people are already overwhelmed, and over-promoting yourself is a sure-fire way to lose email subscribers. It also comes across as desperate. When it comes to email marketing, then, quantity does not equal quality.

How to fix it: There’s no set number for how many emails you should send your subscribers; it really depends on the type of communication you’re sending. When people sign up for a monthly newsletter, they expect to receive only one email per month. But if they sign up for a free trial of your product or subscribe to receive content that’s relevant to their interests, sending two to three emails per week is understandable.

Your emails aren’t visually appealing.

A wall of text is not going to entice your subscribers into reading your emails, so if they’re receiving, let’s face it — ugly — emails from you, they’ll be quick to hit that “Unsubscribe” button. Instead, you need to provide visually appealing emails. Now, that doesn’t just mean…