3 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

3 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

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3 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

As consumers, we are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to satisfying our shopping needs. Giant retailers like Amazon and eBay carry almost everything we could want; delivered right to your front door.

The popularity of online shopping only continues to grow as brick and mortar retailers take their businesses online. The challenge for these growing small businesses? Figuring out how to boost business and increase web traffic without burning through your entire budget.

Gone are the days when an SEO strategy alone would drive traffic to your website. In today’s digital economy, websites need to be creative and unique to generate traffic in a cost-effective way. To stand out from the crowd, ecommerce businesses need to rely on standing out from their competition.

Tap into the power of influencers

With so many “Insta-famous” celebrities harnessing the power of social media, consider looking for organic ways to tap into their influence. A Shopify study found that Facebook was the dominant source that drove social traffic and sales to e-commerce sites, with Instagram providing brands with 25 percent more engagement than any other social platform.

You’ll want to target influencers who are viewed as industry experts and have built a loyal following to promote your brand. Consider providing influencers with a sample or trial of your product or services and if they want to endorse you, provide them with a custom URL to place in a blog or social media post that redirects their followers back to your website.

When brands tap into influencer networks to speak on their behalf, posts shared by trusted influencers converted at 3x-10x higher rate than offers sent by the brand itself. Additionally, customers who were acquired through social influencer efforts saw a 37 percent retention rate compared to traditional marketing efforts.

Use not-com domain name

With so many businesses jumping on the web, the dot-com space is becoming increasingly crowded with long and confusing URLs. One way to carve out your own unique digital nook is…