5 Content Marketing Techniques That Help Warm Up Cold Prospects

5 Content Marketing Techniques That Help Warm Up Cold Prospects. Consider putting a substantial referral reward in place to make it worth each current customer’s effort. In addition to placing your explainer video prominently on your website, share it across your various social media platforms and conduct a special email campaign around it. Identify Promising Prospects The email equivalent of cold calling is sending thousands of emails to random contacts on an email list. Just make sure each email contact receives an email that is most likely to convert. Guest Blog Guest blogging brings a variety of benefits, including introducing your brand to people who haven’t yet heard about you. Hopefully this will lead to the host site sharing it, as well, bringing more exposure to both of you. Make sure you publicize your webinar heavily to bring in customers beyond your current audience. If a business wants to get the word out to a large number of people quickly, the best way to do that is through content marketing. Individually going from one person to the next to try to make a sale is far more time-intensive than sending tastefully targeted email messages or social media posts.

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No matter how great your business’s products or services are,
there are always going to be people who haven’t heard of you. Those
potential customers often become the focus of a brand’s sales and
marketing efforts. But reaching out to them can be difficult,
especially if you’re trying to grow beyond your own local

At one time, businesses engaged in one-on-one prospecting
tactics like telemarketing and cold calling. But, in the internet
era, those techniques have become outdated as sales teams have come
to realize just how counterproductive they actually are. Buyers no
longer answer their phones or doors to strangers, and businesses
have gatekeepers that prevent unwanted salespeople from getting
past the front desk.

This has led to a push to first introduce customers to a brand
before making contact – or better yet – to try and get them to
contact with you
. Here are a few ways to use content
marketing to make those introductions and boost your chances of
getting a meeting.

Gather Referrals

When someone thinks about making a purchase or signing up for a
new service, often, the first thing they do is ask for referrals.
incentivizing your current customers
to recommend you to their
friends and colleagues, you can boost your customer base with
minimal time or money investment.

Consider putting a substantial referral reward in place to make
it worth each current customer’s effort. Determine how much revenue
a new customer brings in, and make the reward a percentage of

Make it easy for customers to refer you on social media by
adding share buttons to your checkout confirmation page, product or
service description pages, and blog posts.

Create an Explainer Video

Before you bring prospects over to your website, make sure
you’ve explained your product or service in a fun,
easy-to-understand format. Explainer videos can serve as a great
tool to convert customers, since many internet…