5 Ways Technology is Shaping Politics in 2017

5 Ways Technology is Shaping Politics in 2017

Author: Murray Newlands / Source: Business 2 Community During the last ten years, technological advancements have redefined many aspects o

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During the last ten years, technological advancements have redefined many aspects of our society, including politics. Smartphones, tablets, and computers have enabled new technologies used by politicians and parties to communicate with the masses and influence them more effectively.

I’ve put together an article to help you understand the ways in which technology is shaping politics today, why they are so effective, and what lies ahead for the future of technology in politics.

1- Chatbots

Chatbots have taken the world by storm because of their ability to mimic natural conversation flows and provide help to consumers around the clock. Platforms now allow you to create chatbots in a matter of minutes and don’t require you have any programming knowledge.

Bots have reshaped the way businesses interact with consumers, and it’s already changing how politicians interact with the masses. Several political parties have deployed numerous chatbots to help them:

  • Captivate their audiences
  • Tell compelling stories
  • Be available to followers around the clock
  • Register voters
  • Launch successful awareness and targeted campaigns

One of the most interesting things about chatbots is that they speak to people through their preferred devices and apps. They can also proactively deliver tailored updates to help followers stay connected with their candidates while in their comfort zone.

2- Information is More Available than Ever

Political parties and candidates have traditionally relied on speeches, radio, print media, and television to get their message across. This is mainly because these channels are:

  • Capable of reaching larger audiences
  • Able to provide information when people are paying most attention
  • An easy way to give credibility and personality to a party or politician

However, with the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, information is more readily available than before. But, what does this mean for politicians? It means they need to put relevant information about their campaigns and goals where their voters will see it.

The widespread access to immediate information means any new details, strategies, and objectives will reach the masses almost immediately, so posting the newest information…