Effective Digital Marketing Takes Both Hands

Effective Digital Marketing Takes Both Hands

Author: Ayodeji Onibalusi / Source: Entrepreneur Image credit: Blend Images-JGI/Jamie Grill | Getty Images There’s no denying that a col

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Effective Digital Marketing Takes Both Hands
Image credit: Blend Images-JGI/Jamie Grill | Getty Images

There’s no denying that a college degree is not as valuable as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Fresh graduates without prior professional experience can often run into issues when beginning their career search with no prior professional experience.

The competition for jobs is extremely fierce. Developing professionals are wise to build up their professional resume outside of the classroom while earning their degree. For Andrew Molz, SEO and social media expert and managing partner of a number of operations, landing in the world of digital marketing came from a healthy combination of hands-on experience and passion.

While this field does not technically require a fancy diploma, being successful can be extremely difficult. Molz has three big pieces of advice to help succeed in this constantly-evolving landscape.

Incorporate prior expertise.

To get involved in digital marketing, it’s incredibly beneficial to have an idea of how a particular business functions in the big picture. In doing so, you will learn a lot about what types of people you need to appeal to and how to lay out a proper strategy.

Molz, who earned his real estate license shortly after departing Texas Tech University, found a number of strong correlations between the two industries.

“I’d have to say the main correlation between the two industries is the perseverance involved in both. Having the background in real estate most definitely benefits me because I can relate to the problems while also addressing solutions to their hot button issues,” says Molz.

Real estate is an industry primed for SEO, especially local. As Molz got to know some of the agents, he began managing their digital marketing strategies. During his experience in real estate, he learned some of its pressing struggles and developed a software platform called The Reputation Shop, which helps businesses like these…