Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A.: Content marketing helps law firms and this article is Exhibit A

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Are you with the Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. in Port
Richey, Fla.? Because we wrote this article to attract you. (We
love when a great plan comes together.)

The entire purpose of this article is to demonstrate to the
personal injury and wrongful death law firm, Proly, Laporte and
Mulligan, P.A., the benefits of content marketing and how a content
marketing strategy vis-à-vis PR NewsChannel is an effective
way to attract prospective clients.

You see, with content marketing, articles act as magnets to
attract your target audience. In this case, the article is being
used to attract Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A..

Any article from Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. could be
created to attract personal injury or other clients.

Cool, hah?

This content marketing article is search engine optimized for
certain words. It was then distributed via the press release
newswire/content syndicator PR NewsChannel, headquartered in Tampa,
just a few miles south of the Port Richey offices of Proly, Laporte and Mulligan,
Just like we brought the Proly, Laporte…