Seven predictions for social and content marketing in 2017

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2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for social media and content marketing. With existing platforms innovating, evolving and competing against each other, the year ahead is going to an interesting one for savvy marketers.


Here are my seven predictions on how social and content marketing in 2017.

facebook-marketplace-photos by jay ong-op ed
facebook-marketplace-photos by jay ong-op ed

E-Commerce is the final frontier for Facebook as it looks to entrench itself in our digital lives. The introduction of Facebook Marketplace this year is the stepping stone to Facebook’s inevitable push into e-commerce and online payments.

Native e-commerce capabilities will also meet Facebook’s overall objective to keep users within its platform and most importantly, is the final puzzle piece that Facebook needs to collect data on its user base. Once Facebook adds your online shopping behaviour to your data profile, it will have everything it needs to give advertisers unparalleled targeting options.

facebook-live-photo by jay ong-op ed
facebook-live-photo by jay ong-op ed

Live Sports will take Live Video mainstream

Major world events like Brexit and the US General Election were the perfect catalyst for Live Video to take a hold of our news feeds, as publishers jumped at the opportunity to relay news and events near instantaneously.

In 2017, expect to see the world’s biggest sporting leagues embrace Live Video as a medium to reach new users that have all but abandoned traditional broadcast channels.

Traditional sports will also look to replicate the success of e-sports like League of Legends, where platforms like Twitch have played an integral role to broadcast games to millions of concurrent viewers, but also serve as a hub for fans to discuss and cheer their teams on in real time.

Snapchat introduces an algorithm

An algorithm for Snapchat has always been an inevitability, and with more brands keen to jump on Snapchat, a cohesive way to curate and serve content will be necessary to sustain its growth.