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As a small business owner, you may have come to realize that you simply don’t have the experience or expertise to effectively market your business properly through social media. Instead, you know you need it but that it’s probably best to hire an employee or professional. The problem with hiring an employee is that they can be hard to find and you may not need 40 hours a week for the tasks. At the same time, hiring a pro might seem like a cost endeavor that you are not sure your company can afford and it has it’s own set of questions as well.

How can you be sure the professional understands your brand and audience? That’s an important consideration and so is the next question: How much is this going to cost? The truth is, it depends on the regional area and scope of your needs, and you’ll find that some social media marketing is more reasonable than others.

Marketing on Facebook

You probably think Facebook is the best platform to invest in… and you are likely right. With more than a billion Facebook users, the opportunity to reach your ideal audience is high. Your social media marketing professional needs to be familiar with your client demographics, to know if they’re on Facebook and if it’s the appropriate place for your business to invest.

Facebook marketing can be complicated and often includes posts, images, links, videos, and ads to draw traffic to your website. Image quotes are popular and get a solid amount of engagement. Your professional needs to be able to choose quotes and images that will get likes, comments and shares, and that are relevant to your brand. As well, they need to stay up on current trends, such as the importance of video and Live Video.

With Facebook, organic reach going down on a daily basis, ads are taking a more prominent place in Facebook marketing. Professionals should well versed in running…