10 Free Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Can Use

10 Free Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Can Use

Author: Marsha Hunt / Source: Entrepreneur If you're an entrepreneur just getting started, you know the meaning of a budget. You also pro

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10 Free Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Can Use

If you’re an entrepreneur just getting started, you know the meaning of a budget. You also probably know that in order to get your business idea off the ground, you have to reach your chosen audience at the right time. To help you do this cheaply, without compromising the quality of your marketing efforts, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 free marketing tools every entrepreneur should know.

1. Chattypeople

Chatbots have made their mark in the marketing world this year. Despite many still believing that the chatbot is just a customer care tool, others are seeing it as a must-have in their marketing strategies. Chatbot technology has improved significantly in the past decade, allowing marketers to create bots without any coding knowledge. Chattypeople is the perfect tool for those wanting to quickly create a Messenger chatbot. The platform allows entrepreneurs to create a bot that not only works seamlessly with Facebook, but also pushes promotions to customers on demand. With chatbots, you will be able to:

  • Take orders directly from Facebook
  • Gather data about your customers to keep them up-to-date with relevant products

2. MailChimp

Email marketing is an important aspect of any business’s marketing strategy. With an email marketing tool such as MailChimp, you will be able to move your audience through your sales funnel more effectively with a higher level of control. MailChimp will allow you to:

  • Build on your marketing strategy by connecting your email campaigns directly to your website
  • Use your purchase data to send more personalized emails to further grow your business
  • Integrate with Facebook to find new subscribers and reconnect with current ones
  • Create a level of automation
  • Gather feedback from MailChimp reports

3. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a free-to-try social media content builder and posting tool. It provides users with more than 100,000 ideas, templates and visuals for stunning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. All the social media templates are made by a team of professional designers and copywriters. Users can easily customize templates with a built-in graphics editor. With PromoRepublic you get:

  • Library with 100,000 post templates and visuals
  • Calendar of post ideas for every day with holidays, days from history, trending topics and events
  • Drag-and-drop graphics editor to customize stunning templates and create posts from scratch
  • Auto-posting and scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is a powerful tool that will help you…