12 Top Business Keynote Speakers To See in 2017

12 Top Business Keynote Speakers To See in 2017

Author: Steve Olenski / Source: Marketing Insider Group There’s no way to fully predict what’s in store for leaders in 2017 – how the mar

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12 Top Business Keynote Speakers To See in 2017

There’s no way to fully predict what’s in store for leaders in 2017 – how the marketplace will change, what trends will emerge or fade, how politics, wars, or natural disasters will reshape our world. But we can feel confident in this: There will be challenges.

How will we rise to meet them? One way, of course, is to lean into the insights and expertise of others. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of great speakers available who provide inspiration and practical advice we can apply to our organizations.

Here are the 12 speakers I believe are most worth listening to in the coming year. Some are well-known and have been speaking and consulting for years. Others are newer to the scene, practitioners who also lecture. All are well worth the time and money you might invest to soak in the wisdom of their messages:

1. Steve Farber – If you’ve read one of Steve’s three best-selling books (The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge, and Greater Than Yourself), you know he takes a radical and somewhat extreme approach to leadership. He brings that message to life with amazing energy when you hear him in person, and he always customizes his presentation to the needs of his audience. In 2017, Steve is building on his ahead-of-the-curve message that “love” – that four-letter word most business leaders avoid – is critical to the cultural and financial health of every organization on the planet.

2. Elise Mitchell – Many leaders are destination driven, at times to their personal demise. Elise understands. She built a public relations agency from scratch and grew it so successfully that now is part of a global PR firm that she helps run. But she learned along the way that her destination focus needed the balance of a journey mindset. Her new book, Leading Through The Turn, lays out the practical ways leaders can drive business growth and still enjoy the ride. And her energetic personality brings that message to life when she delivers it on the stage.

3. Adam Markel – The unthinkable and impossible become logical and attainable when you listen to the inspirational messages Adam delivers. He’s a guy with big dreams for the world and the passionate personality to inspire to share in his dreams and to dream bigger themselves. If you want to transform the lives within your organization through personal development, Adam is a guy who can help make it happen.

4. Sally Hogshead – Lots of speakers have a fascinating story. Sally actually understands the science of fascination. And as a former star in the advertising industry,…