3 Data-Driven Insights to Boost Your Guest Content Strategy1

3 Data-Driven Insights to Boost Your Guest Content Strategy1

Author: Kelsey Meyer / Source: Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting It’s every content marketer

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3 Data-Driven Insights to Boost Your Guest Content Strategy

It’s every content marketer’s dream to have a perfect company blog. Imagine your site filled with a variety of content that shares unique and thoughtful insights, from exceptionally written articles to interactive infographics to professional videos. It’s enough to make any marketer swoon.

Unfortunately, even this stellar blog of your dreams isn’t enough on its own to get your brand in front of your full audience. It’s unlikely that your entire target audience already visits your blog regularly, so by posting only to your own site, you miss out on reaching those potential consumers who don’t follow you yet.

Enter guest-contributed content. Guest posting is a natural and effective way to meet consumers where they already are, and it promotes your ideas, raises brand awareness, and, ultimately, increases your bottom line.

The Right Way to Contribute Guest Content

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to get started guest posting, and many marketers stumble at first. Publication editors are looking for specific types of content to fit their guidelines, so there’s more to guest posting than simply rehashing an article you were already going to post on your site and sending it to every editor in town. A successful guest posting strategy requires you to take the time to understand exactly what editors are looking for.

That’s why my team at Influence & Co. asked them. We surveyed editors at leading online publications and studied more than four million pieces of published content to compile “The State of Digital Media,” a report all about what editors want and how marketers can create better content. Here’s a look at some of the insights we uncovered.

1. Editors Want to Publish Your Content

The majority of editors we surveyed (61 percent) said they’re planning to publish more contributed content in 2017, and 35 percent said they’ll publish the same amount. Only four percent said they were slowing down on guest posting.

Editors are eager to share contributed content. It…