Chalk Talks: Personalizing Video for Your Sales Outreach

Chalk Talks: Personalizing Video for Your Sales Outreach

Source: Vidyard Salespeople need every advantage they can get. In a world where your prospects are being bombarded by emails, cold calls, and social

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Salespeople need every advantage they can get. In a world where your prospects are being bombarded by emails, cold calls, and social outreach, personalization and engagement are the new currencies. And smart salespeople know that video isn’t just engaging – it’s also one of the easiest ways you can add personalization to your sales cadence.

My name is Terrance. I’m a Sales Development Manager here at Vidyard! In this Chalk Talk episode, we’ll talk about the state of prospecting today and how video – specifically, personal video – is going to enable your sales team to get into more sales conversations and ultimately build more pipeline for your organization. Check it out:

As a Sales Development Manager leading a team of outbound reps, I know it’s harder than ever to get ahold of our prospects over email, and that’s because they’re receiving a hundred emails from a hundred different sales reps every single day. Not only that, when we give them a call on the phone during business hours, they’re not very likely to pick up.

What we found was, by including video into our sales cadence, we were able to interrupt that pattern of the same, old, boring email template. Instead, we showed our prospects that we made video content specifically for them, personalized our outreach, and thus increasing our response rates by 500%.

Put the Person Back in Salesperson

What’s happening here is that video is enabling your sales team to be more personal, more visual, and humanize your team. So, when they reach out to their prospects, they know that they’re human and they’re not sending automated emails out.

By standing in front of the camera and talking directly to them, you’re showing a little bit of vulnerability, but you’re also building familiarity, so when you pick up the phone and give them a call, they know who you are and why you’re calling. Ultimately, what video’s going to do for your sales team is help them connect faster with their prospects and shorten those deal cycles to be more efficient. So, how can you get started with personal video today?

Easy Videos for Quick Wins

There are two types of videos you can use in your sales cadence. The first video is a webcam video. This is basically leaving a little message in your prospect’s inbox, on-camera, explaining to them your value proposition, your message, and why you should book the next step. When you do these webcam videos, make sure you grab a whiteboard.

Write their name on the whiteboard so they know the video is meant specifically for them. By doing so, you’re going to increase the click-through rate of your video and thus have more prospects actually hear your message!

The second video is a screen capture video. The screen capture video is great because it enables you to connect the dots between all that research you did before targeting this account or this prospect and visualize that…