Like Most Marketing, Content Too Will Pivot to Customer Focus in 2017

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Click here to save in your favourite.Like Most Marketing, Content Too Will Pivot to Customer Focus in 2017

Content marketing is ever evolving and there are important trend lists, which have been predicted for the coming year.

With audience engagement being the backbone of content marketing, brands will continually generate content marketing ideas for articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts to suit consumers. Even more so for ecommerce marketers, for whom content is the medium of bolstering a relationship with a customer, evident from the fact that online stores are competing not only on exciting discounts and faster delivery but on customer experience.

Adam Weinroth, Chief Marketing Officer at OneSpot, says integration is what most marketers will focus on in 2017. On his big prediction for the martech space in 2017, he affirms, “2017 will bring a maturation of content marketing technology. For the last several years, modern content marketing has become a fully developed set of capabilities – everything from content creation to editorial workflow to analytics to distribution, engagement and more. But, many of these solutions have arrived as bolt-ons, and they’re now starting to turn into a bit of a tangled mess. As marketing leaders and their IT counterparts look to streamline their respective marketing technology stacks, they’ll be looking to rationalize content tech investments and make sure they fit seamlessly within the broader marketing technology picture.”

This year saw the rapid growth of content marketing technology, with brands looking forward to maximizing its benefits in 2017. Some of the trends MarTech Advisor thinks marketers need to be aware of in 2017 include:

Visual engagement

As we all know, visual content has always been at the top of the priority list of every marketer. Infographics, gifs, cinematograph, and others are the medium through which brands can make their content look more attractive. Visual content will continue being an important trend even in 2017.

Video dominance

Although video content is already ruling, its exponential growth in 2016 makes it an important factor in 2017 as well. Publishers have already begun testing ways to blend videos into their strategies for content marketing. Social media has been a prime facilitator of video content. Facebook and…