Looking for a Cool Tool to Make Your Company Profitable? Have You Considered Facebook Live?

Looking for a Cool Tool to Make Your Company Profitable? Have You Considered Facebook Live?

Of course not, but tons of people go live without sharing their intentions with a soul outside the office. Give potential viewers the logistical specifics of your Facebook Live stream. Build anticipation with focused event descriptions that draw in viewers before they even watch. It offers a rare chance for viewers to get more value from the games they play and plan to try. Had Valladolid merely offered a Facebook Live presentation about her cookbook, viewers probably would have given her one star. These descriptions usually yield the kind of user who will come back for your next Facebook Live event -- and the one after. Use your Facebook Live video to engage commenters and make them a core part of the show. Facebook estimates that most live videos get 10 times the number of comments that prerecorded videos earn. Depending upon attendance, you may or may not be able to talk to everyone, but you can at least turn the live stream into an inclusive, unique and shareable event. Put together a purposeful Facebook Live strategy that pulls in viewers, educates them and leaves them raring to click that "Go Live" button for future events.

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Ready for your close-up? Facebook Live can be a promotional game-changer, one capable of altering the fortunes of yours or any other business willing to hit the “Go Live” button.

By 2019, WordStream predicts, video offerings like Facebook Live will account for 80 percent of internet traffic, while Research and Markets estimates that in just over three years, the industry itself may be worth more than $70 billion.

However, Facebook Live — which lives on a platform users visit an average of 14 times daily — isn’t as quick a fix as those numbers may make it sound. To keep users locked in and build the kind of constant viewership that can be monetized, you need to organically build Facebook Live into your social and overall marketing outlook. You need to make it a useful and convenient resource for viewers.

Otherwise, you’ll fall short of its power and purpose.

Get it right on the first take.

Many companies — ours included — jumped on the Facebook Live bandwagon when it took off in 2016. That’s not surprising, when you consider an Animoto study that said that25 percent of customers pass over companies with no video strategy. Besides, it’s thrilling for marketers to be able to get deeper into users’ news feeds and encourage cross-pollination of sharing and ideas.

Some early events tanked for us, especially ones led by uninspired speakers prattling on banally instead of handing out teachable, novel concepts in an intriguing manner. Events that were successful, on the other hand, used vibrant presenters creating deep connections, palpable buzz and viewer interaction with their messages. Suddenly, users felt urgency and a sense of being in the know, rather than just inhabiting the role of mere observers.

To encourage your own fantastic feedback and strong consumer-presenter relationships, focus on these four must-dos:

1. Sell viewers before the event. Would you give a TED Talk without promoting it?…