Temptu Harnesses the Beauty of UGC

Temptu Harnesses the Beauty of UGC

Author: Perry Simpson / Source: DMN Influencer marketing is an old concept, despite the increased attention it receives today. Marketers

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Influencer marketing is an old concept, despite the increased attention it receives today. Marketers have always relied on the endorsements of high profile public figures, particularly in the beauty industry, where celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian have set the standards for entire generations. As one of the leading brands in the makeup and beauty space, Temptu understands this.

The popular airbrush brand knew the power in a co-sign, so its influencers were always integral to its business, with the company even going as far as creating a sister site dedicated to showcasing the work of professionals using its products in the entertainment space. The problem was that, like many in its industry, Temptu had no clear way to leverage this content, and was ill equipped to adjust to the influx of UGC from this rapidly expanding network of creators.

“We knew user generated content was very powerful, and supremely effective in the beauty space,” says Andrew Bowman, EVP of digital marketing at Temptu. “We had the functionality [to leverage UGC], but never really felt like we were using it. We just treated it like it was there, but didn’t really allow it to reach its full potential.”

Temptu’s challenge was twofold: it had a massive audience of creators mixed with influencers, and while it had the basic functionality to bring that community together on its Pro site, it had no tech in place to fully disperse that content around the site, or to leverage all of the content that this community was creating. At least, not until early 2016, after a chance meeting with the visual marketing platform Pixlee.

The two companies began talking after bumping into each other at a user conference for the e-commerce platform Magento, of which Pixlee and Temptu are customers.

Having recently completed a redesign of its consumer site Temptu.com, Temptu was in the market for help in revamping its Temptu Pro site.

The Pro site had been in use for some time already, and was popular among Temptu customers and creators. But a sub par user experience, a convoluted checkout, and little to no integration of its UGC with the rest of the site plagued the brand’s efforts. The partnership with Pixlee would prove instrumental in rectifying all of this, and would see Temptu unifying its massive audience of professional creators and influencers in one place, and empowering them to publish “shoppable” content all around the site. But the two companies first had to work through a couple of issues.

“Temptu had a very beautiful site, but it was very brand oriented,” says Andrew Higgins, director of marketing at Pixlee.

Like other beauty brands, Temptu was still focused on creating and pushing its own content, a sound strategy in almost any other vertical. “Brands have to create so much content, [but] they just aren’t fast enough… and it doesn’t scale with every…