The 3 Step Freedom Code To Making This Year Your Best Ever

The 3 Step Freedom Code To Making This Year Your Best Ever

Make sure that your time is not spent creating distracting trivial ditties. Don’t be distracted by the career climbing while neglecting your person building. Life is. Lifetime learning Invest in the habit and routine of continuous life learning. Step two: Publishing Creating is one thing but revealing it to the world is where the magic happens. Crafting headlines and growing my online social media community. Step three: Flourishing You have created and are now sharing your gift with the world. As I continued to create and publish I started to “flourish”. The 2 way conversation I had with people all around the the world on my my blog comments and on my social channels started to change me. The act of creating one day at a time had become a portfolio of work.

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Freedom code

How was last year?

Did it deliver all your dreams or did it test your resilience?

Did it flow?

Or was it full of obstacles?

Were there mountains that you didn’t want to climb.

Or choose…

Was it full of challenges that you didn’t expect?

Were there events beyond your control that changed your life forever?

Life has a habit of showing up with surprises.

Good, bad and sometimes very ugly.

I had one of those years.


Lost my partner and best friend.

Taken from me.

Stolen by the fragility of life.

My resilience was tested.

Your past isn’t your future

But despite the past the future has not been written yet.

It is a blank page.

You stand on the edge of new possibilities.

The new year lies before you.

It stands in front of me.

You can either let the past define you.

Wallow in its pain.

Or you can choose to strike out into new adventures and opportunities.


Press on.

You have the power to choose.

But the path to making a masterpiece of your life has many enemies.

The enemies at your gate

You have enemies at your gate. Obstacles in your way.

They are many.


1. Time

This is something that money cannot buy.

Tim cannot be bought.

It’s an ever-present enemy.

The hour glass


Time passing.

Its limited.

My young self thought I had eternity to live the life imagined.

To start and build my dream.

But life is short

It passes while we make plans for the future.

We get lost in triviality

Not building strong foundations.

We waste moments.

Creating trinkets.

Avoiding the deep work and becoming a master maker that changes the world.

We scroll on our devices.

Posting small updates that seek validation.

Instead of….

Stopping and focusing on building a monument to our passionate purpose.

Contemplative work.

Crafting creations of consequence.

Composing life changing symphonies.

Make sure that your time is not spent creating distracting trivial ditties.

2. The trivial

The trivial will get in the way.

Often seen as busyness.

If you allow it.

We fall in love.

We marry.

Start families.

Absorbed by the responsibility and the noise.

Careers consume.

Our present and future built on busyness.

But our focus on getting urgent things done.

Paying attention to what makes the most noise.

Gets in the way of creating a masterpiece.

We need to pioritize the importance of devoting time to the non urgent but important.

Focus on the strategic life changing actions.

Often the life building but vital consequential creations are forgotten or neglected.

Don’t let busyness stop you doing the things that matter.

3. Doubt

We often neglect our strengths

Doubt the gods within us.

Not understanding that heaven is inside.

Not without.

We doubt the innate abilities that makes us the beautiful unique person that has no peer.

Doubt the genius that happens by daily action.

Doubt the gifts that we alone bring to the universe.

We compare our insides to the outsides of others revealed in polished Facebook feeds.

Scan the Instagram posts that create envy.

Doubt that our our lives are not what they should be.

Not worthy.

Don’t doubt the greatness that lies within you.

You are greater than you know.

4. Distractions

It’s a phone with alerts.

Social media.

Friends with good intentions.

Well meaning invites to events that don’t serve you.

Getting lost in the distractions of others who will waste your time for their amusement.

Don’t be distracted by the career climbing while neglecting your person building.

Don’t be distracted by the acquisition of things instead of the daily learning and the wisdom built on life experiences

Wisdom is not a thing.

It is not a product

It is the insights gained by learning from life’s challenges.

Its the wisdom we learn from pain.

The resilience learned from facing problems head on.

You need to be willing to listen to its lessons.

Grow from it’s obstacles.

They are inevitable

So…. welcome it.

When it shows its frosty fierce face.

You don’t know your strength until you confront the demons.

You are stronger than you know.

5. Dark voices

You are both the thinker and the listener.

We have conversations.

With ourselves.

The dialogues often uninvited.


And full of doubts.

Don’t let the negative thinker rule your life.

Don’t let them rule the house of your mind.

That dark voice should be labelled like an evil uncle.

If he was talking to you at home you would ask him to leave.

Not welcome and never to return.


Eckhart Tolle had this to say about the unbridled mind.

Allow the dark and judging thought to rise….