The year content marketing ruled supreme

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CMOs realize the value of good content.

It is why they spent nearly 8% of 2016 marketing budgets in the US alone in creating content for marketing programs, noted the Forrester’s December 12, 2016 The State of Market Content Spending report.

The result, based on Forrester data from marketing decision-makers in 2016, showed that CMOs would continue to spend in the coming years.

In fact, content marketing is as important as talent development, lead quality, and product/service development.

Focus on content marketing saw the creation of large in-house content teams.

Forrester noted that enterprise-class B2C brands had an average of 47 full-time content marketers while B2B teams had 77 on average.

The large teams produced more than double the content created by external teams for B2C brands, while nearly as much for B2B brands.

Content is lacking

Good content development and marketing is, however, becoming a key concern for CMOs.