Value Selling in the Software Industry: What You Need to Know

Value Selling in the Software Industry: What You Need to Know

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The core idea of “value selling” is giving your customers more than what they expect from their purchase – providing products and services that generate returns well beyond the price paid. This is true in any industry, but is especially relevant when it comes to software sales. Everything from smartphones to the complex computer systems that control the critical functions of large companies rely on software.

Since software is so prevalent in your and your customers’ daily lives, and since it is so important to the profitable functioning of a business, the success or failure of a company can hinge on buying, using, and deriving value from the proper software. With the following value selling concepts, you can provide genuine assistance to your customers while positioning your own software business to thrive.

  • You add actual value: This seems to be a given, but a software sales company must be careful that what is sold to the customer adds genuine value beyond the transaction. It may be tempting to add more features or components to a software package, for example, but if the customer won’t use those extra features, or will use them only rarely, they won’t represent actual value for the customer. Sometimes value selling is best manifested in selling less while ensuring the…