15 tools that can power your PR efforts

15 tools that can power your PR efforts

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There are no shortcuts in public relations, but there is help.

Developing a successful PR campaign is an effective way to raise awareness for your business, build credibility with your audience, send out a positive message to your customers, and manage your brand’s reputation. Done correctly, public relations can improve the overall image of your company within its community.

Nevertheless, PR is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Luckily, like every other form of marketing, PR has evolved, and various tools have sprung up to help practitioners make the most out of PR challenges and run their campaigns more effectively.

Here is a range of tools that will assist you in your PR efforts:

To find journalists and influencers:

Muck Rack. This provides marketers and PR professionals with an easy way to find and contact journalists. The tool connects those who have new stories to share with those who want to keep up with the latest news. It helps journalists to build their portfolio and find career opportunities and enables PR specialists to pitch their story ideas to the right writers. Muck Rack is trusted by a number of global PR agencies, journalists, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.

Anewstip. This is a sort of a search engine for finding tweets, news articles, journalists and influencers that have recently mentioned a certain topic on Twitter. You can easily filter your search results by topics, journalists’ profiles and languages, and by how many times a person you’re looking for has mentioned your keyword. The tool features an influence score, alerts and media lists.

Hey Press. This searchable media database helps you find journalists. Just enter a keyword, and you’ll see the most relevant writers for the topic, as well as articles they have written.

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To send out a better PR pitch:

Prowly. Its Audience Pitch tool enables you to send out data-driven pitches. The service offers a more personal way to submit your story. With Prowly, you can easily create, organize and consolidate your media lists. After you create your pitch, you can launch an email campaign and integrate videos and images into your pitch to make it more visually appealing.

Prezi. This easy-to-use presentation tool helps you make your message more appealing and convincing. You can choose a template for your presentation, add your content and then share your story and inspire the recipient to react. It’s always worth…