Strategies to Optimize Display Ads for Calls: Landing Pages

Strategies to Optimize Display Ads for Calls: Landing Pages

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Display marketers must think beyond the display ad. If display ads are driving billions of calls to businesses, your landing pages should be optimized to drive both online and offline conversions. Why? How you design and test your landing pages will directly impact how they drive calls to your business.

In this new video we break down how to use call data to optimize your landing pages, which includes A/B testing tips.


Optimize your landing pages to drive calls. So at this point it’s been “the year of mobile” for the past three to four years. So most of our landing pages are optimized. Make sure that they’re also optimized to drive calls. Because, specifically if you have a long form fill or a lot of fields that we have to fill out on our mobile device, even if it is mobile-optimized it’s just much more taxing for a consumer to fill out all those forms than to just…