Who Should Own Paid Distribution in Content Marketing?

Who Should Own Paid Distribution in Content Marketing?

Author: Chad Pollitt / Source: Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting More and more, brands are r

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Who Should Own Paid Distribution in Content Marketing

More and more, brands are realizing that the promise of last decade—”build it and they will come content marketing”—doesn’t work. There are only 10 positions on the first page of Google, and social media channels have long figured out how to get brands to pay them: squash their organic visibility.

This problem is further exacerbated by the sheer volume of content being created and published every day. Most surveys show that marketers are planning to create even more content year over year, too. Thus, content promotion and distribution are more important than ever.

Creation-to-Distribution Ratio

Ben Young is the CEO of Nudge, a native content platform built to manage, measure and optimize campaigns. He shares, “Television executives spend five dollars on distribution for every one dollar spent on creation.” Based on my own research, content marketers have this reversed, spending one dollar on distribution for every five dollars spent on creation.

Distribution Budgets

Attitudes have got to change, or brands will continue to struggle with visibility for their content. For some brands, attitudes are changing. However, legacy silos are making it increasingly difficult for marketers to access the budgets they need to do native advertising (long-form, social, and programmatic) for content distribution. So, the question is, who should own content distribution budgets?

Should it be the PPC and display team, social, content marketing, PR, marcom, agencies, or the media buyer/paid media department? Last year at Content Marketing World, I had half a dozen folks tell me that they get what I’m saying, but they (the content team) don’t have access to the budgets needed for paid distribution. It’s controlled by another department. The more people in content marketing I speak to, the more I hear this same sentiment.

Native Ad Tech Is Partly to Blame

While the onus for this problem primarily resides in the silos brands have internally, native ad tech is partially to blame, too. Why? Simply put, their technology was created with the PPC and display teams and media buyers in mind. They adopted and integrated…