10 Point HR Checklist for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a prevalent practice over the years (Source: https://pixabay.com/en/follow-us-facebook-google-plus-2395640/)

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Social media marketing has become a prevalent practice over the years
(Source: https://pixabay.com/en/follow-us-facebook-google-plus-2395640/)

Social media marketing is an effective way for companies to communicate various things like new products and services, important news and job vacancies. All these can simply be incorporated by the HR department in its social media marketing campaigns.
With this in mind, we recommend the following 10 point checklist that will assist you (the HR professional) when you want to embark on social media marketing for your company:

Establish A Base Strategy
Get a hold of your colleagues who are skilled technically to come up with a social media marketing plan. Beginning your digital marketing service with a strategy that will address the shortcomings in your marketing operation.
We recommend that you establish your base strategy based on the following:
Divergent tactics for different sites
Time to be allocated to each component of social media marketing.
Individual objectives for the blog, photos, social networks platforms, and presentations.

Understand The Nature of Your Brand
You need to decide upon a theme for your brand. Just coming up with a brand and putting it online will not be enough in this era of stiff competition. We recommend that you find a fascinating mascot for your brand. Once you come up with a theme, everything from its colors to designs should be in line with it.

Evaluate Social Media Sites

You have to assess social media sites that match your brand’s nature
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It‘s always good to deal with a few social media profiles well rather than coming up with messy profiles on every site. We recommend that you evaluate the social media platforms that are compatible with your brand’s nature and target audience before embarking on the social media marketing journey.

Come Up With A Budget
Just like other ventures, expenses are also incurred with social media marketing. For you to cut down on these expenses, you can make use of facilities and feature offered by some sites. Allocate a budget to your online campaign and come up with a strategy that fits the fixed budget.

Assemble A Skilled Social Media Team
It’s very critical for you to engage the very best people in the management of social media and evaluation for you to be successful. Research has shown that employees have 10 times more followers than their firm’s social media profiles. Having a great team will expand the firm’s network to that of its employees.

Make Use of Benchmarking
You need to apply benchmarking in your strategy for more improvements and measurement of success of your online operation. You can find several benchmarking and evaluation tools online for you to make use of.

Link Online and Offline Marketing

There should be a link between online and offline marketing
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Most offline activities, for instance, giving away real life prizes, seminars and conference organizing should be done as part of the online marketing strategy. Information and updates on the various social activities should reach your customers or clients via your online platforms.

Develop Strong Relationships

For you to be successful, you need to establish strong bonds with your clients
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You need to effectively communicate with your customers. Make that extra effort when it comes to dealing with clients or customers online. Eventually, doing this will assist you to build your community. Beginning 2013, the number of social messages received by brands that need to be responded to had increased by 28%. This just goes to show how much developing a strong relationship with your customer base is.

Content Management
Establish editorial rules that will manage the consistency of quality content that cuts across all platforms. The content should rhyme with the target audience and the company’s general tone.

Be More Human

Connect with your clients on a more personal and professional basis
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In this digital age, the more humane a company is, the more it will be successful. Many people have a tendency to fall for marketing that has a more friendly approach. Therefore, ensure that you deal with your customers not only on a personal level but also a professional one. Make use of language that’s simple, comprehensible, humorous and beneficial to your clients to get the most out of your social media marketing operation.

There you go. The points mentioned above will be of assistance to you when it comes to social media marketing. You should remember that each company has its own approach to human resources. Therefore the HR team should make use of this checklist to ensure that the company capitalizes on its social media efforts and remunerates the employees accordingly.
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