4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

Author: Michael Brenner / Source: Marketing Insider Group Great content requires talent and skill to pull off. It requires a human touch,

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4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

Great content requires talent and skill to pull off. It requires a human touch, with a dash of artistry and a hefty serving of creative know-how. To put it simply, content is not something you can automate.

However, that is not to say that our content marketing strategies can’t benefit from a little automation. In fact, marketing automation platforms can provide a serious boost to our content marketing endeavors.

Everything from strategy creation, to content positioning, flexibility, and analysis can be assisted by applying marketing automation.

Strategize your way into the future

Don’t live your content marketing life on a “hand to mouth” basis. It’s a waste of time and resources. Instead, have the bulk of your content scheduled way in advance, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead of time and integrate content directly into your long term goals.

The key here is to balance evergreen content with time-specific content, gaining the best from both worlds. It is likely that this time-specific content is going to need to be produced on the fly and delivered in a precise and timely manner directly where and when it’s needed. Your content teams should be able to handle this endeavor but will find it difficult if the content queue is jammed up with additional, evergreen content pieces.

This should never happen. Instead, everything should be planned out well in advance and scheduled ahead of time. This is a major labor-saver, freeing up your content team to produce great pieces of time-specific content when it’s needed.

Be proactive

Modern customers don’t just want convenience; they expect it. This has altered the landscape of traditional content marketing somewhat. Perhaps, once upon a time, it was enough for businesses to react to the needs of the customer, or to provide solutions as and when required. This is not the case any longer.

Now, business owners need to be proactive. They need to understand the needs of the customer ahead of time and position themselves in a way that enables the direct implementation of a solution. Automation can help us to achieve this.

Marketing automation provides us with the data we need to really get to know our customers. By using this data, we can start segmenting customers into different groups and provide proactive services via our content strategies.

Use marketing automation platforms to store data from each and every customer interaction. This includes data on purchase groupings, access points,…