12 Ways To Make Your Post Viral In Social

Here are 12 ways to make your post viral in social media. Would you share it? If you do post amazing facts or images (or videos, for that matter), make sure they are legitimate. You have to share your post if you want others to do it as well. Hopefully, that will motivate them to share your post. According to this article, quizzes are the most engaging type of content on Facebook, generating the most shares. Making people laugh is always a good way to get a foot in the door and a share on social media. Advocate One of the things that can send your post viral is to use it to deliver a message about what you represent. However, you need to act responsibly when using social media to deliver warning messages to your audience. Hashtags began on Twitter, but it has spread like a virus to the top social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

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Going viral is on the top of the wish list of any social media marketer. Of course, it doesn’t happen to very many posts, which is why it is so desirable. No one really knows why a post on Facebook or YouTube catches on. There is no discernible pattern that means a post will go viral. There is no “magic formula” to viral marketing.
That said, some posts are more likely to go viral than others are because they have certain features or elements. A viral post just boils down to human psychology. Which types of posts resonate right now? Here are 12 ways to make your post viral in social media.

1. Motivate

It is highly unlikely that you have never seen a motivational quote or saying on your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram account. Did you ever stop to think why you have those things popping up almost daily in your networks? According to this article, people feel a psychological need to share inspirational quotes or motivational sayings. It could be guilt, to impress others, or to send a message without saying what they really mean outright. Whatever the reason, motivational sayings get shared a great number of times provided it is in the right context. Check this out:

This currently has more than 700,000 shares, 28,000 likes, and reached more than 18 million people. Would you share something like this on your network?
Find or create a motivational saying that you think will inspire others, add an appropriate image (preferably nothing too sappy), and try posting it. You may not go viral with every post, but there is a good chance you’ll get some shares and likes.

2. Amaze

People like to be the first to share something amazing with their friends. If it challenges the norm, delivers important news, or confirms a myth, all the better. It could be facts, such as this:

It was the story of twins born 87 days apart. That seems pretty amazing, which is why it has more than 49,000 views.
It could also be an image such as this:

This image is not on social media, but if you saw something like this, wouldn’t you at least stop and see if it’s real? Would you share it? Probably.
If you do post amazing facts or images (or videos, for that matter), make sure they are legitimate. Do your research before you share it so, if it does go viral, it won’t come back to bite you and kill your credibility. How can you do this? Subscribe to high-authority news, research, and science and technology websites to get dibs on new developments you can post on your social networks.
Also, pay special attention to your headline so that you heighten the sense of surprise even more. This news article, “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think,” has more than 400,000 shares, and you have to admit, the headline is quite intriguing, much more so than [spoiler] “Isolation is the Cause of Addiction.”

3. Zombify

People are currently fascinated by anything to do with zombies. Any post that discusses zombies tends to get a lot of attention. Vampires, mermaids, and aliens also get their share of, well, shares. The latest on the zombie trend is a new drug called Flakka, also known as the zombie drug because users start chewing on themselves or others, and appear to be incredibly strong:

Of course, the reason zombies get attention is because they are popular. If people are talking about something then you have a better chance of going viral. However, the effectiveness of leveraging trends is only as good as its relevance and appropriateness to your brand or company. If you would rather not be associated with anything about zombies, for example, you can find another trending topic you can post about. Do a search for “trending topics on {social network} today” and take your pick.

4. Amuse

Making people laugh is always a good way to get a foot in the door and a share on social media. Studies show that humorous content outperforms any other kind of content when it comes to shares. This is because laughter reduces stress, increases energy, and creates a bonding moment for people. How often have you smiled at a stranger because you shared a funny moment?
However, you need to remember that getting a laugh and a share are not your end game in viral marketing. You also want to build brand recognition, awareness, and trust. While a funny cat photo might get you 300,000+ shares like the one below, does it contribute anything to your brand, or are you just good for a laugh?