3 of the Biggest Agile Marketing Challenges

3 of the Biggest Agile Marketing Challenges

Author: Andrea Fryrear / Source: Marketing Insider Group Marketing comes with its own set of unique challenges: “Be timely and relevant,

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3 of the Biggest Agile Marketing Challenges

Marketing comes with its own set of unique challenges:

“Be timely and relevant, but run that tweet by legal first.”
“Personalize everything to me individually, but don’t come off like a digital stalker.”
“Maintain a work-life balance, but make sure to respond on social media 24-7.”
“Don’t chase every shiny new tool, but keep up with the most important innovations.”

If it was easy they’d call it sales, am I right?

(Just kidding sales friends. You guys work hard. We love you.)

As you may know or suspect, I’m a huge believer in Agile marketing as the solution to many of marketing’s current conundrums.

Agile, however, isn’t perfect. It comes with its own particular problems. We need to go into an Agile transformation with open eyes, fully aware that it’s not going to be all puppies and rainbows.

Each team will encounter its own special blend of issues, but here we’ll look at three of the most pervasive:

  1. Inhospitable culture and uncommitted higher-ups
  2. Team-related difficulties
  3. Superficial change

It’s Not You, It’s Them

Whether you’re in software, marketing, project management, or human resources, you need some degree of high-level buy-in to make Agile work outside of small teams.

Emanuele Passera, a project manager and software engineer, says immature organizations are one of his most common obstacles. “It is not always easy for the business side of a company to engage,” he says, adding that “Agile project management simply cannot fit every organization.”

Agile coach and change agent Mario Lucero agrees. For him, it’s a matter of culture: “If a company wants to adopt agile they must build a culture to support the agile principles.”

Out in Silicon Valley, where you might imagine innovation reigns supreme, Tanner Wortham still encounters resistance when he attempts to roll out Scrum. “Scrum often runs counter to an organization’s culture,” he reminds us.

Coaches and practitioners need to have a dual focus; they have to address change…