All Good Communication Starts with Integration

All Good Communication Starts with Integration

Author: Malinda Wilkinson / Source: Marketing Insider Group Why a native integration between your MAP and CRM should be a no-brainer When

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All Good Communication Starts with Integration

Why a native integration between your MAP and CRM should be a no-brainer

When you pair a marketing automation platform (MAP) with a CRM, you’re doing more than just combining two systems. You’re creating a supercharged sales and marketing tool for both teams to use across the board. A natively integrated MAP and CRM is capable of improving lead quality, increasing sales and marketing efficiency, automating marketing communications and enhancing overall sales and marketing alignment.

Companies can drive 5-36% of growth simply through alignment according to SiriusDecisions, so it makes sense that the single most important criteria for sales and marketing success is the alignment of the two teams, starting with a native MAP and CRM integration. Without this integration, it is difficult to create a consistent experience for prospects and you will drain too much time and too many resources trying to coordinate activities to ensure leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Here’s why native integration is a must

There are a number of marketing automation platforms that allow marketers to make more informed decisions to improve future campaigns. However, the key to successful sales and marketing communications is having a system that fully integrates with your CRM to make use of all the data inside it. It is proven that you will benefit from integrating your CRM and MAP in the following areas:

1. More leads
A MAP will help you drive more leads for sales. Period. A well integrated CRM and MAP pair will seamlessly transition leads from marketing to sales. Natively integrated MAPs will also arm a sales representative with a view of all the activity a lead has taken to get to sales, such as engaging with email campaigns, attending an event, filling out forms or simply visiting your website.

2. Better leads
Most marketing automation platforms offer lead scoring, which allows marketers to work hand-in-hand with sales to define what is truly sales ready. Sales representatives and marketers define the criteria of a lead. By creating scoring profiles, marketing can prioritize and process leads through the funnel at the appropriate time to help sales improve the efficiency of their outreach.

Not sure how to create a lead scoring model? It may sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be. As your leads interact with your content, events, demo requests, etc., they accumulate a score…