How to Find Killer Content Ideas

How to Find Killer Content Ideas

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Whether you’re a novice writer or a pro, at some point you’ll get writer’s block and will find it difficult to come up with potent, relevant content ideas for marketing. If you’re in a rut, or simply need new topics to align with your strategy, follow the tips below to help guide you to new ideas.

Keyword research

For people who like to just get going quickly on content, keyword research can seem like a drag or burden that can that holds them back. However, the exact opposite is true. Not only is keyword research not a burden, it is a necessity that can be used to drive your content strategy and get you to your end goal faster than if you skipped it.

Once you have your marketing strategy in place and a strong understanding of your target audience and the actions you want them to take with your business, it’s time to begin your keyword research. It’s during this phase that you can determine key foundational phrases to build your entire online presence around.

The power behind keyword research for SEO is that it gives you the ability to understand the exact phrases people use to search for the products, services, information, answers and solutions that lead to them becoming your customers.

When you’re aware of what those phrases are, you can address the topics through your content and blog posts. If you’re new to keyword research and are unsure how to go about it, check out one of my previous blog posts which will show you how I conduct keyword research for Duct Tape Marketing.

Editorial calendar

Once you’ve done your keyword research and have come up with a dozen or so themes, it’s time to map out an editorial calendar of your content. This will help to ensure you’re in line with strategy, you’re staying on track for productivity, and that you have a guide for whenever you get stuck.

Great keyword research informs your editorial calendar and that’s why you should never stop doing it.

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