13 Social Networks That Are a Big Deal in Non-English Speaking Regions

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13 Social Networks That are a Big Deal in Non-English Speaking Regions | Hootsuite Blog

Want to reach a truly global audience? We all know the big name social networks for English-speaking audiences—Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.—but what about ones that are popular in other regions around the world?

There are lots of social networks used around the globe that can teach us a thing or two about e-commerce, virtual reality, and the future of messaging. We’ve listed some popular networks to give you the insight you need to take your social media strategy global.

1. WeChat

Used by half a billion people, WeChat is a messaging and calling app that’s most popular in China. It’s an all-in-one messaging app for test, voice, and video calls across countries. It recently introduced City Services—which allow users to do a bunch of things in their local area like book doctor’s appointments, pay electricity bills or traffic fines, and book flights—in select cities in China. Users can make payments through WeChat Wallet.

The WeChat app for Hootsuite allows users to send or schedule messages to WeChat followers.

13 Social Networks That are a Big Deal in Non-English Speaking Regions | Hootsuite Blog
Image via Hootsuite App Directory.

2. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo, also known as Weibo, is a microblogging platform used in China. It’s often equated with Twitter, with a 140-character limit and the ability to like, share, and receive @comments and messages. With Weibo Radar, users can also find friends and daily deals in their neighborhood.

The Sina Weibo app for Hootsuite allows users to search, share, schedule, post content, and monitor feeds.

3. Line

Line is one of Japan’s most popular social networks. It offers free voice calls and messaging to anywhere in the world and allows users to share photos, videos, voice messages, and location info with their friends and family. Line is also known for its thousands of stickers of recognizable celebrities and Line characters (which are from the app’s popular avatar social network called Line Play).

While Line has strict advertising rules, users can follow the accounts of their favorite celebrities and brands to get news and product discounts. There’s also a Line Store for online shoppers.

4. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is an instant messaging platform from South Korea. It has video and voice chats with unique filters, events and announcement boards, and…