5 Clever Facebook Video Ad Hacks That Will Lower Your CPM by 81%

5 Clever Facebook Video Ad Hacks That Will Lower Your CPM by 81%

Author: Neil Patel / Source: Quick Sprout Scroll through your Facebook feed, and you can’t help but see video ads. Quite a few of them act

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Scroll through your Facebook feed, and you can’t help but see video ads. Quite a few of them actually.

You may have even seen my video ads, which I’m using to promote my businesses.

I’m doing this, of course, because Facebook Video is huge right now.

One of the more recent studies found that there are “8 billion daily views for Facebook Video in November 2015—a 100% growth from 6 months prior to the study.”

And here’s another interesting stat.

Videos’ organic reach on Facebook is 135% greater than that of photos.

This means one thing. There is an insane number of opportunities out there.

Including Facebook Video ads in your marketing repertoire can yield big results.

But like with any form of paid advertisement, you’ll naturally want to lower your costs and maximize your ROI.

That’s a given.

I’ve done plenty of experimentation with Facebook Video ads and have come up with a recipe that gets me the most bang for my buck.

More specifically, I’ve come up with a way that will lower your CPM (cost per thousand) by as much as 81%.

Here are five clever Facebook Video ad hacks you need to know and implement right away.

1. Only feature videos that you know get engagement

Although this is an incredibly simple hack, it’s one many marketers overlook.

Often, they’re so thirsty to get their video content up and running on Facebook, they never take the time to perform some basic split-testing beforehand.

Here’s what I recommend.

Create a few different videos or variations of a single video (at least three), and do some basic split-testing to see which one is getting the best response.

However, place them on channels that won’t cost you a dime.

For instance, you might:

  • feature videos organically on Facebook
  • place them on your website or blog
  • place them on other social media channels

Then, take a look at some key metrics such as:

  • play rate
  • average length of viewing
  • engagement levels
  • number of leads each video generated
  • number of conversions each video produced

Here’s a graph that illustrates the various methods of measuring video success:


You get the idea.

Before you put your hard-earned money into Facebook Video ads, test the waters and see which video(s) your target audience responds most favorably to.

That way, you can approach Facebook Video ads with confidence.

That, right there, should lower your CPM considerably.

2. Keep them short and sweet

Wistia performed some fairly extensive research on the length of videos and engagement levels.

In fact, they examined 564,710 videos and more than 1.3 billion plays for their research.

Here’s what they found:

As you can see, there’s a steady level of engagement for up to 2 minutes:

But after the 2-minute mark, engagement drops off considerably until it hits 6 minutes.

At that point, engagement stabilizes once more until it reaches 12 minutes.


So, here’s the deal.

I wouldn’t recommend exceeding 2 minutes with your Facebook Video ads.

You probably won’t do yourself or your marketing budget any favors if you exceed this time limit.

Or as Wistia puts it,

Two minutes is the sweet spot.

But they also make another interesting point:

Engagement is steady up to two minutes, meaning that a 90-second video will hold a viewer’s attention as much as a 30-second video. This is surprising and actionable information for video marketers.

If you’re making short videos, you don’t need to stress about the difference of a few seconds. Just keep it under two minutes.

I find this to be great advice. You don’t need to sweat, getting your video length to an exact number of seconds.

Just keep it under 2 minutes,…