6 Irrefutable Reasons Your Company Needs an Explainer Video

6 Irrefutable Reasons Your Company Needs an Explainer Video

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Many start-ups struggle in their early stages with bringing their products to their target market the right way. If you’re running a start-up of some sort, I’m sure you can relate to this.

There is an answer: start-up explainer videos.

For a few years now, explainer videos have been the go-to and most popular content for start-ups to introduce their products to the public while also promoting them.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you are curious about why start-ups choose explainer videos (and why you should too).

Why should start-ups use explainer videos?

Many start-ups create products or services that didn’t exist previously. They often find difficulty in introducing their one-of-a-kind offers to the public.

While you can just write blurbs about your start-up and what you sell, that method isn’t as prominent as it used to be.

Let’s break it down.

1. Explainer videos deliver information faster and better.

Psychologically speaking, explainer videos simply obliterate texts and images when it comes to delivering information to your users.

Only 2 out of 10 people remember information they read, and only 1 remember what they heard.

To make it even worse, the average internet user now only spends between 10-20 seconds on a page if they don’t see a compelling reason to stay longer.

The first ten seconds are crucial in providing that compelling reason by clearly articulating your value proposition.

With that short period of time, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on text and still images since they aren’t truly compelling for most of your users.

Keep this in mind: Most of your users have neither the time nor the desire to investigate why they should take you up on your offer.

BreadnBeyond made an explainer video for Galaxy Digital that provides their offer within the first 15 seconds. Check it out:

In addition to being more visually attractive and attention-drawing, explainer videos work because the human brain receives visual information at a rate of 60,000 times faster compared to textual information.

Explainer videos harness visual and auditory components to give your users a compelling reason to stay AND provide them with your value proposition.

2. Explainer videos take your pitch everywhere.

As a company in the luminous days (you know, because of screens everywhere) of everything-online, I assume you’ve signed up your company for at least a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn account.

That’s already four different marketing channels in which you can make use of an explainer video.

Being digital content, explainer videos can take your pitch literally anywhere on the Internet.

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