How to Create A Facebook Marketing Campaign That Will 3x Your Engagement

How to Create A Facebook Marketing Campaign That Will 3x Your Engagement

How to Create A Facebook Marketing Campaign That Will 3x Your Engagement. You can market your business on Facebook using three options. Business pages Facebook groups Paid campaigns In this article, I’ll give you the most effective strategies to leverage each of these options. As a marketer, you’re in the people business. You Facebook campaigns need to be well-thought-out and well-executed. How do you make sure that nobody else but your audience gets this offer? Part two: Leverage the power of Facebook groups Facebook groups are a marketing dream come true. In fact, 75% of brands pay to promote their Facebook posts. Most marketers focus on how many people they can reach with their Facebook ads. What have you been doing to keep your Facebook audience engaged?

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There’s no denying it.

Facebook is an indispensable tool for marketers.

Do you know what? I’m thrilled to see that businesses have awakened to just how powerful the platform is.

But there is a slight problem.

Only 45% of marketers think their Facebook marketing is effective. Considering that Facebook has 1.18 billion daily users, and each user spends on average of 50 minutes on the platform, this is surprising.

Screen Shot 2017 07 23 at 10.05.17 PM

I expected Facebook to be a slam-dunk win for marketers.

Instead, many people have been emailing me with concerns like these:

“I’m not getting the rave results on Facebook that others are boasting about.”

“My Facebook marketing campaign sucks.”

“I don’t get any ROI on Facebook. What am I missing?”

These concerns got me thinking.

Why are some businesses crushing it on Facebook while others are scrambling?

Is it that they have a larger following? More time and money to invest? A better strategy?

I’ll tell you what. I don’t think it’s any of these.

Sure, they may have an impact.

But I’ve noticed that the power players on Facebook all have one thing in common.

Their audiences are hyper-engaged.

Every post is welcomed by an army of people rushing to like, share, and give their input in the comments.

I’ll admit that it’s a remarkable but challenging thing to achieve.

The sheer amount of content published on Facebook makes it difficult for brands to get noticed.

Some businesses report as much as a 42% drop in their reach per post.

Publisher Reach on Facebook Is Down 42 Adweek

With all the features available to marketers, it can get a tad overwhelming to zone in on what works.

So, I’ll make this super simple for you.

You can market your business on Facebook using three options.

  1. Business pages
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Paid campaigns

In this article, I’ll give you the most effective strategies to leverage each of these options.

By the end, you’ll know exactly how to energize your Facebook audience. Put the steps to work, and you can expect your engagement rates to triple.

Sound good? Stay with me.

The real reason your Facebook engagement sucks

If we were to autopsy all the Facebook marketing campaigns that flopped, the cause of death would be unanimous.

Failure to do audience research.

As a marketer, you’re in the people business.

It means your true north should always be the people that you serve.

This isn’t a new idea. You already know it.

Why do so many people skip out on the audience research phase?

It’s killing their marketing campaigns.

Social media is one of the greatest intelligence-gathering tools you have at your disposal.

Use it. Get to know the people who’re trying to reach. Your marketing campaigns won’t work without that insight.

There’s no easier way to do this research than on Facebook itself.

Find the audience insights tool on your business page and explore the data.

Screen Shot 2017 07 23 at 9 24 38 PM
I recommend that you get an overview of your audience and then go through every one of the subsections.
1 ContentHaven

You’ll get crucial information like top-performing posts, actions on your page, organic reach, engagement rates, and more.

These will give you a good idea of what you’re working with moving forward.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about how you can add some fire to your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Part one: Supercharge engagement on your Facebook business page

Facebook pages are the primary way to connect with your fans.

Some businesses use it as a window shop to showcase their products and services.

That’s a misguided approach.

Your Facebook page should be used to provide an extraordinary experience for your audience.

You already know all the bells and whistles of optimizing your Facebook business page.

There are loads of articles on that, so it won’t be my focus.

Instead, I’ll give you some high-impact strategies that you can use to drive engagement on your page.

1. Host recurring engagement campaigns on your pages.

You Facebook campaigns need to be well-thought-out and well-executed.

What do I mean by engagement campaigns?

Contests, giveaways, promotions, and events all fall into this bracket.

It takes some creativity to host these campaigns continuously.

However, the recurring factor is imperative.


Marketers usually have one or a series of campaigns when they’re trying to push a particular objective.

For example, to grow their email list, they’ll host a giveaway.

The problem with this approach is that hosting one-off campaigns will not keep your audience energized in a lasting way.

I want to help you nurture the kind of engagement that has staying power. More importantly, it won’t be costly to keep up.

Also, with recurring campaigns, you don’t have to come up with fresh ideas every week. You can set your weekly promotions in motion and be done with it.

Here are some ideas for recurring campaigns.

Have daily or weekly giveaways. You may be thinking, “Isn’t this going to be expensive?”

It doesn’t have to be.

There are lots of low-cost options for giveaways. You can use branded merchandise, information products, or samples of your product.

Like this:

2 dailygiveaway Facebook Search

This is going to generate exposure for your products, which will no doubt lead to sales. It pays for itself twice over.

Alternatively, you can partner with other Facebook pages to do giveaways.

Partner with a different business each time to keep your audience anticipating something fresh.

Have themed days. This is an excellent idea that costs nothing to execute. You can assign each day of the week a theme and create content around that theme.

Here are a few examples.

1. Have trivia days where you host a quiz. You can also tie this in with product giveaways to reward fans who get it right.

2 triviatuesday Facebook Search

2. Have opinion days where you give your audience two or more options. Then ask them to pick their favorite.

2 pickone Facebook Search

3. Have a quick-tip day where you give your audience actionable how-to advice on a relevant topic.

2 quicktipwednesday Facebook Search

4. Have a fact day where you give your audience a little-known fact about your business or industry. You can also ask them for their own facts.

Screen Shot 2017 07 24 at 12 32 15 PM

5. Have coupon campaigns for different products and services. This one is guaranteed to drive sales.

2 discountfriday Facebook Search

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Take note of how the content in each campaign differs. It’s important that there’s a mix, so you don’t come off as too promotional.

2. Create a distinct brand culture and promote it every chance you get.

I will always be a champion of brand culture.

Culture gives your fans something heartfelt to be committed to. It also gives your business a guiding principle to shape all the decisions that you make.

It can eliminate all the friction when it comes to making creative and operational business decisions.

If it doesn’t fit with your established culture, you just don’t go through with it.

That’s a smart and efficient way to make decisions for your business.

Now, the first…