How to Create Video Content Without Being on Camera

How to Create Video Content Without Being on Camera

Author: Michelle Held / Source: Entrepreneur Try something new in 2017 and add video content to your marketing strategy. As an entrepreneu

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Try something new in 2017 and add video content to your marketing strategy. As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for a way to get ahead of the competition. You need to get your message to the right people — customers, investors, employees or other stakeholders. Video is an easy way to tell your story.

Business owners can get a lot of mileage out of video content — use it for content marketing, in social media posts, as pitches to investors, to demonstrate a new concept or even as part of your customer service experience. Videos are helpful in the decision process.

However, many people are camera shy! So what can you do if you really don’t want to be on camera but want to use videos in your online marketing strategy?

It’s still possible to produce quality video content for your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts or other outlets. Below are six ways to create video content without being on camera.

1. “Talking head” videos

Talking head videos are a common format for business videos. The focus of the video, whether it be a training session, tutorial or product demonstration, occurs on the main portion of the screen. The speaker narrates the video from a small overlay window in the corner of the screen.

All right, that was cheating! With a talking head video, you are still on camera, but definitely not the focus of the video because your face occupies only a small portion of the screen. It’s possible to adapt this format so your “talking head” is just a cartoon of yourself, but that increases the production cost.

This type of video is an easy way to get started and to look professional.

2. Screen share videos

Screen share videos are useful for tutorials when written instructions are not enough. They are also the fastest and easiest to produce. Screen capture software is required to record the screen action on your desktop or mobile device.

I use a lot screen share videos on my other website to answer questions for my user group. Last year when working with the IT department for one of my clients, we found it was more…