How to Get 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger

How to Get 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger

What do Facebook Messenger bots do? It’s like email marketing, but using Facebook Messenger. As I mentioned above, using Facebook Messenger bots is a lot like email marketing. But instead of using email you’re using Facebook messages. Here’s what you can do with Facebook Messenger bots. Why should I use bots? Getting leads using Facebook Messenger is easy. The programmer’s method of creating a Facebook Messenger bot. Their tutorial is best for advanced programmers and shows the basics of creating a functioning bot in 15 minutes. Other platforms for creating Facebook Messenger bots Obviously, ManyChat isn’t the only business that offers easy-to-create Facebook Messenger bots.

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I recently had an experience that changed the way I think of digital marketing.

It happened on Facebook.

More specifically, it happened on Facebook Messenger.

I’m talking about Facebook messenger bots, also called “messenger bots,” “chat bots” or “Facebook bots.”

My colleagues shared with me a recent marketing campaign that they conducted using Facebook Messenger.

The metrics convinced me: 88% open rate and 56% clickthrough rate!

Sure, I’ve had some great email marketing campaigns, but it’s hard to top that result.

The experienced proved to me that Facebook Messenger bots are one of the most powerful new methods in digital marketing.

What do Facebook Messenger bots do? Think of it this way. It’s like email marketing, but using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger bots are a relative newcomer to the marketing scene. That’s why it’s an exciting time to dive in and learn all about them.

Being an early adopter of Facebook Messenger bots will give you a huge advantage as a marketer.

You may have heard of a concept called first-mover’s advantage or FMA.

The idea is this: If you’re the first one using a specific tactic or employing a particular tactic, you win.

The early adopters of SEO were able to dominate the SERPs and gain massive organic search traffic. The early adopters of Facebook groups built massive followings. The early adopters of Twitter created huge brands and cultivated enormous influence.

The earlier you learn and use a new marketing tactic, the more likely you are to benefit from it.

It’s the perfect time to use Facebook Messenger bots.

Right now, we’re in the phase of Facebook Messenger marketing where customers are not yet experiencing things like “banner blindness” (web ads) or “email fatigue” (email marketing).

When you send a prospect a Facebook message, they’re far more likely to view and click through than they would with an email marketing message.

It’s hard to ignore! Plus, it’s new and exciting.

People are responding to Facebook Messenger messages in record-high numbers. I know for a fact that you can get 88% open rates on your Facebook Messenger bot campaigns.

I’ve seen the proof, and I’m a believer.

What I don’t know is how long the good times are going to last.

Here’s what you need to know about Facebook Messenger bots and how to get started raking in those leads for yourself.

What Facebook Messenger can do

First, let’s be completely clear as to what Facebook Messenger bots are.

As I mentioned above, using Facebook Messenger bots is a lot like email marketing. But instead of using email you’re using Facebook messages.

If you’ve ever read my content, heard my talks, or seen my videos, you know that I’m a die-hard email marketer.

That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is my view of Facebook Messenger.

I now realize that Facebook Messenger has a massive reach, higher levels of interactivity, and more AI capabilities than email.

So what does this all mean?

It means that I take it seriously when Facebook Messenger rises as an additional marketing tool.

Here’s what you can do with Facebook Messenger bots.

  • You can deliver messaging sequences to people in Messenger.
  • You can create a sales funnel that brings in sales right within Messenger.
  • You can send downloads (like resources and content upgrades) via Messenger.
  • You can have automated conversations with real users on Messenger using AI.

There’s a ton more you can do.

It’s simple and brilliant.

I don’t know about you, but I use Facebook Messenger all the time. I use it more than texting, more than WhatsApp, and even more than email!

(During the time that I wrote this article, I sent 28 Messenger chats on my iPhone!)

Messaging, texting, and IM applications have become second nature for a lot of people.

It’s not that email is going away. It’s just that messaging is the main way that a lot of people communicate.

It’s obvious that Facebook Messenger can be a ridiculously effective marketing channel.

Wait, what’s this about a bot?

Before showing you the details on creating a Messenger bot, I think it would be helpful to talk about bots in general.

When most people hear the word “bot,” they tend to think that it is something bad.

True, there are bad bots. Some bots are so bad that they’ve given all bots a bad name.

Why are some bots so bad? Here’s the dirty truth from Sitelock:

Bad bots represent over 35 percent of all bot traffic. Hackers execute bad bots to perform simple and repetitive tasks. These bots scan millions of websites and aim to steal website content, consume bandwidth, and look for outdated software and plugins that they can use as a way into your website and database.

But there are good bots, too, like these nice guy types:

  • Copyright bots
  • Data bots
  • Spider bots
  • Trader bots
  • Service bots
  • Sales bots

The entire SEO industry depends on a bot.

Bots is short for “robot.” And as you’re aware, robots can do some pretty awesome things.

The bots we’re talking about aren’t industrial robots or even service bots.

They’re sales bots. More specifically, they are Facebook Messenger bots.

Up until now, such bots have been used mostly in customer service roles. (Below, I’ll show you some platforms for creating a customer service bot.)

If you’ve ever chatted on Skype or Messenger with a “customer service rep,” you might have been chatting with a bot.


But these messenger bots can do way more than just help you book a hotel in Bali or buy a pair of sandals for the summer.

Bots can help us as marketers get higher open rates, clickthrough rates, leads, and sales.

The great thing is, Facebook is a huge fan of these chat bots.

It’s obvious that Facebook wants as many users as they can on Messenger, so they’re throwing a ton of their own customer service support towards Messenger bot providers and bot builders.

So, unlike a cold email list, where you could get spam-listed by disgruntled customers, Facebook Messenger bots are a warm and welcoming opportunity.

Let me show you how they work.

How Messenger bots work

Actually experiencing the bots is way better than hearing about them.

You can get the full experience by opting into a bot at, which is the experience I describe below.

On the homepage of Bot Academy, I see an opt-in box. It loos a lot like a typical email lead generation CTA.

But it’s different.


Because the site isn’t capturing my email address! They’re chatting with me on Facebook Messenger.

Take a look.

Obviously, I’m going to click “Yes, send me the guide!”

Instantly, I see this:

I like the way that they say, “Talk to you soon. :)”. Already, the experience…