How to Win the Video Marketing Game: 4 Most Engaging Video Types in Content Marketing

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video marketing tricks
video marketing tricks

The winning way in the video marketing game is to create
engaging content that leverages your brand’s image in your target
audience’s view without actually trying to sell anything.

This can be done by creating content that either interacts with
the imagination, grabs emotions, or proves useful for your
audience–or, even better, does all three.

Video content has the potential to fit perfectly in the
overlapping area in a venn diagram between imaginative, informative
and emotional.

On top of that, almost every device has some sort of display on
it. That’s one among many reasons why the competition in video
marketing and other visual marketing areas (e.g infographics and
slides) is rather fierce and demanding.

In the era of digital information, being able to visualize
content and brand stories is every business’s key to survival.

And now I’m going to tell you how you can not only survive, but
also win the video marketing game.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos, like many other types of video content, are
tools that can improve your business’s reputation in different

First off, explainer videos are both likeable and useful,
especially animated ones–sometimes they even evoke certain
emotions. What makes explainer videos a way to win the video
marketing competition is their quick and witty characteristics.

They are fast-paced and informative, holding viewers’ attention
and delivering useful information to introduce your product/service
in only 2
minutes or less

Explainer videos are mostly used on a website’s homepage and
as a tool to attract, inform, and convert visitors without
having a big chunk of text for them to scroll through.

Animated explainer videos are just one way of visualization, and
there is no one big reason for you to choose exactly this type of
video content for every occasion.

Animation explainer videos are well-suited for niche businesses
in which selling a product through promotional methods is

For example, imagine you provide website design services
specifically for actors and singers. Your explainer should contain
target consumers’ problems, address the benefits of choosing you,
and explain the workflow of your service/offer.

Plus, you have to admit that charts and data are better
represented using animation.

animated chart
animated chart

But then again, you can visualize anything when you choose to
use an animated explainer video, and that’s one of its main
benefits over live-action videos.

While live-action videos are limited to scripts and other
real-world aspects such as weather and actors’ skills and voices,
characters in an animated explainer video can fly, dance, sing,
twerk, or somersault–virtually anything. The limit is your
imagination (and possibly time frame as well).

The performance of explainer videos is tried and true.

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