Jay Baer’s Top 6 B2B Video Trends

Jay Baer’s Top 6 B2B Video Trends

Two-thirds of customers (64%) say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. Trend No. More specifically, they like to hear from “real” people: your customers. Right now, 37% of businesses are creating videos that feature their customers. Trend No. 3: Desktop is Dominant for Video A whopping 89% of business-related video views take place on a desktop, with a mere 11% happening on mobile. But when it comes to B2B video trends, the desktop is where it’s at. That leaves you with an important decision for your strategy: knowing that more views take place on those days, you can post your video content then OR you can decide to avoid the competition and share your stuff some other time. Jay recommends keeping things short for top and mid-funnel prospects by sticking with single-topic videos. Trend No.

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Fashion might be cyclical (who else is surprised that fanny packs and scrunchies are making a comeback?), but marketing trends tend to keep moving forward.

That’s certainly the case with video marketing, which continues to infiltrate industry after industry, with no signs of stopping. In video marketing, there’s always something new to test (personalization, anyone?), but one thing’s for sure: video in one form or other is here for the long haul.

And video trends for B2B organizations are no different.

Jay Baer shared an insider look at the B2B video trends marketers need to know in one of his webinines. Offering insights into how B2B companies are using video and what you can do to make the most of your efforts.

Watch the webinine below (it’s under 10 minutes) or read on to discover key stats and tips he shared.

Be sure to check out the full report that was used to draw the data for Jay’s “webinine”.
You’ll discover key B2B video strategies and insights

Trend No. 1: Video Persuasion

If you’re using video, you already know it’s an entertaining and engaging format, but did you know it’s incredibly persuasive as well?

Two-thirds of customers (64%) say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. That’s a big opportunity for your business.

To really take advantage of video, incorporate it at every stage of the marketing funnel. Jay says that the deeper prospects are in the funnel, the more specific the video you produce for them should be.

Trend No….