Snapchat, Instagram, and the Rise of Video and UGC Marketing

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We’ve entered a new era in digital marketing. The Snapchat and Instagram era is officially upon us, and old-jack internet marketers have begun focusing their intent and aspiration toward learning how to fully leverage these increasingly popular platforms.

Unfortunately, most marketing departments aren’t up to par yet. The annual CMO survey put out by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the American Marketing Association found as many as 59.9 percent of respondents don’t believe that their firms’ social media marketing strategy is effective.

Maybe it’s because new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are somewhat confusing to the older generations. Will Oremus, writing for Slate, sums up the generational issue in his article, “Is Snapchat Really Confusing, Or Am I Just Old?”:

Facebook’s evident fall from favor among whippersnappers has, over the past two years, gotten every venture capitalist and tech blogger in the world asking the same question: What’s the next Facebook? That, of course, is a question only an old would ask. The youngs implicitly grasp that there can no longer be a single dominant social network. If there were, all their parents and guidance counselors would soon be on it, and then they’d have to find something else… The closest thing to a new Facebook, however, is probably Snapchat.

The Secret to Snapchat’s Success

The reason that Snapchat and Instagram are successful, however, isn’t because a growing Gen Z is simply looking to get away from their parents. According to Kelly Samuel, writing for Forbes, this may be one factor. However, she credits the success of these new platforms to simplicity and video content. She claims that the as platforms gain age, more…