Social Media Automation: What Works and What Doesn’t

Social Media Automation: What Works and What Doesn’t

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Social Media Automation: What Works and What Doesn't

Businesses, or marketers to be more specific, can benefit from social media automation. With billions of people using Facebook, Instagram and other online channels at present, social media automation applications—or what marketers call as “gadgets from above”—can save precious time and money while also enhancing business strategies.

By commanding a system to do multiple functions at the same time, marketers are able to maximize their tasks, increasing one’s productivity and work efficiency. However, when done the wrong way, social media automation can cost you more than what you have gained. If an automated platform, for example, sends pre-made responses to the wrong customers, it may be seen as an act of insincerity and neglect, which can damage a brand’s good reputation.

A Significant Contribution to Business

The contribution of social media automation is essential for business. Personalized responses, targeted messaging, and/or being first in the lead are beneficial offers that can make a difference in business processes. But marketers should be cautious. Just because social media automation guarantees convenience and sales conversions, it doesn’t mean that one should automate their entire marketing system. Inappropriate responses, accidental spamming, and responding to customers with their pet peeves can lead to a quick online backslash.

It doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you can take control. What should you do to avoid such mishaps? Learn how social media automation works and when it’s ideal to use.

Social Media Automation and Its Benefits to Business

Social media automation apps make daily work processes relatively easier and faster. What marketers usually do in an hour or two can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Compared to manual operation, such applications are more cost-effective; some doesn’t even need close supervision. Marketers, even the most dedicated ones, can sleep while their apps work for them over time.

Here are a few social media automation apps that can help you out:

Buffer – queues social media updates and instantly posts them anytime you want

Mention – collects all social media posts and…