Terrific! Video Listicles Are Still Popular And Easy for Marketing

Terrific! Video Listicles Are Still Popular And Easy for Marketing

They Fight Information Overload Every person that goes online encounters massive amounts of information within minutes. Video listicles combine video, which is becoming a more popular marketing platform every year, and the already-loved listicle format. Ignoring this format because it seems easy and silly is a short sighted tactic when it comes to your marketing strategy. How To Get Started On Your Video Listicle Video listicles are a combination of two formats: a video and a list. Step 1: Choose Your Topic For the best marketing results, pick an appealing topic that will provide useful content for your audience. Step 2: Choose A Marketing Keyword Pick the topic of your listicle to align with your marketing messages, and use that as your keyword in your title. A strong keyword will also make it clear to your audience what they are watching which, as you may remember, is one of the reasons viewers like listicle videos so much. Step 4: Write Your Points Make your list! Remember not to make it too long, too. Therefore, do yourself a favor and choose relevant and strong content for your audience, then, put it in a video listicle.

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Listicles have received some bad press over the past couple of years, being accused of lacking in substance and being overly subjective. Listicle 2.0, the video listicle, is just as bad in the eyes of many, serving only as a mobile version of an otherwise boring and baseless article.

Unfortunately for these naysayers, video listicles and listicles in general are as popular as ever. As explained in this Three Girls Media blog post, the listicle is a content marketing format that works and doesn’t show signs of going out of style anytime soon. The masses love this easily digestible format and marketers will have to pry it from their cold-digitally-dead-short-attention-span hands before they give it up.

What Are Listicles and How Do They Relate to Marketing?

Listicle is a term used for articles made up of a bulleted or numbered list, often organized around a central theme. The term combines the words “list” and “article.” Video listicles are videos that display the list in a slideshow-esque format, usually with fun music playing in the background. Here is an example of one of Three Girls’ video listicles.

While listicle-based videos and articles may be getting old for writers and marketers to create, they are still an effective marketing tool, especially for social media. Using them as part of your business’ digital marketing strategy is a strong move.

The good news is, while all listicles for many creators are considered cliche, video listicles can in fact breathe new life into this tried and true marketing tactic. Consider using video listicles to give yourself some variety while still providing your audience with the organized content they desire.

Why Do People Like Video Listicles?

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Why include listicles in your marketing strategy? People like them!

There are several very strong reasons why audiences are attached to the listicle format, made only better by translating it into a video platform. Because it wouldn’t be an article about listicles without a list. Here are 8 reasons why video listicles are loved among readers, and therefore a strong marketing tactic.

Viewers Know What To Expect

Listicles provide a clear expectation for the consumer in both content and format. When a viewer sees a listicle video they know that it will progress in a numerical fashion and provide short succinct pieces of information. This means they do not need to waste energy trying to mentally digest something unexpected.

They Fight Information Overload

Every person that goes online encounters massive amounts of information within minutes. Video listicles are a fun way to help consumers quickly sort through the onslaught of information encountered online daily and promote your marketing messages amongst the noise.

Our Brains Like Them

As explained in this article by Forbes, our brains like organization. Video listicles provide viewers a way to intake knowledge in the most organized format possible: the list.

Beginnings And Ends

Video listicles are nicer to read than the everyday article as they provide a clear beginning and end of the content. A viewer can even look to see how many minutes and seconds the video will take to complete. If the video is short, then they know their time investment will be minimal, encouraging them to click on the video.


Video listicle titles give viewers a clear idea as to what the topic is, allowing them to choose whether they will take the time to watch it.


List-based content helps our memory and information retention. This article by CopyPress explains how listicles help us remember information compared to alternative formats.

Combined Formats

One-third of online activity is spent consuming video. Video listicles combine video, which is becoming a more popular…