The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2019

The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2019

The theme has customizable sidebar navigation that allows you to build a clean and functional menu for your blog content. Flat, 2D design Customizable sidebar navigation Easy-to-use Theme Options Panel to customize site pages Bulan offers multiple homepage layouts for your blog including full-width, boxed, narrow, and multi-column options to provide your visitors with a unique experience when they enter your site. Grid-style layout Portfolio section available SEO-friendly Spacious is a blog theme with four different page layout options and four blog display options to choose from. Four blog display options to choose from Customizable primary color for your theme Demo sites available Revive is a blogging and magazine theme that’s ideal if you have a variety of photo content that you want to share on your website. Editorial has a variety of easy-to-use widgets that allow you to customize several of your site page sections with the click of a button. Live customizer feature to make and view edits in real time Easy to organize large amounts of written content Variety of easy-to-use widgets Brilliant is a blog and online magazine theme that allows you to artistically pair your blog posts with photo and/ or video content. Easily pair blog posts with photo and video content Quickly add a logo and customize the theme’s accent colors Can be auto-translated into multiple different languages If you want to include large, professional-looking photographs on your blog’s website, Poseidon is the option for you. Full-width image slideshow White background to create a spacious and clean design Customizable navigation bars Author is suitable for all types of blogs and includes a responsive design so your visitors can read your content from any device and still enjoy their experience. Responsive design Minimalist appearance Expert support and tutorial videos Back To You A free blogging WordPress theme will allow you to create a unique, functional, stylish, and eye-catching website where you can share your content. Each theme has features, layouts, and styling that set them apart from the others — so, consider the overall design you’re going for on your blog to help you determine which option is ideal for you.

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If you’re a blogger, it’s probably safe to assume you want a website that’s equally as stylish, unique, and high quality as the content you share. You also want visitors to have a positive experience navigating your site — reading posts with ease, searching for topics of interest, and discovering other content that makes them excited to return. A WordPress blogging theme can help you achieve the exact look, feel, design, and layout you envision … without the need for coding.

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers

  1. Juno
  2. Kale
  3. Writee
  4. Hemingway
  5. Radiate
  6. Flat
  7. Bulan
  8. Total
  9. Spacious
  10. Revive
  11. Wisteria
  12. Editorial
  13. Brilliant
  14. Poseidon
  15. Author

The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2019

We’ve curated this list of our favorite 15 free WordPress themes for bloggers like yourself — not in any specific order — to consider using for your website. Each theme includes a description of the features that make them unique as well as a list of key takeaways in case you’re in a hurry.


Juno provides you with unique blog-style layout options that makes it easy to pair your written content with images and/ or videos. Juno is a simple WordPress theme that offers a minimalist and clean design without any clutter. The theme also has a masonry-style blog layout, which displays your content in a grid format to make it organized and easy to browse.

  • Gallery options to pair written content with photos and video
  • Minimalist theme
  • Grid-style layout

Kale is built for food bloggers. There are a number of feed displays to choose from so you can determine how you want to organize your written content and images of the dishes and menu items that you’re featuring. The built-in social media sidebar widget makes it easy for your visitors to locate, view, and follow your accounts.

  • Ideal for food bloggers
  • Variety of blog feed displays
  • Built-in social media menu buttons

Writee is ideal for photography or image-heavy blogs — the theme has a slider hero image feature which allows you to include several full-width images. Writee’s responsive design automatically changes your site’s format to fit any screen, whether that’s desktop, mobile, or tablet. You might also be a blogger who sells branded merchandise or other related items. If that’s the case, Writee makes managing your online store simple with their WooCommerce integration.

  • Responsive design
  • Full-width image slider
  • WooCommerce integration

Hemingway is a simple two-column blogging theme that keeps your content organized and easy to read. It includes a parallax scrolling feature which adds an interactive, 3D, and video-like experience to your blog pages. Hemingway’s translation-ready feature comes with pre-made language files so your website can be automatically translated into a number of other languages with the click of a button.

  • Simple two-column theme
  • 3D, video-like scrolling feature
  • Auto-translates into several other languages

Radiate is a blogging theme that offers unique visuals, including a customizable, full-width hero image and primary color options so you can match your branding. If you have a Premium or Business account (that is, if you pay for WordPress), you can take advantage of custom Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. CSS is a markup language that determines the look of your HTML so you can modify and customize the design of your web pages.

  • Full-width image background
  • Multiple color options
  • Custom CSS that allows you to modify and customize web page design

This blogging theme employs “flat”, or 2D, design principles, to give your site a minimalist feel all while using bright colors and unique typography to maintain a level of appeal. The theme has customizable sidebar…