What Livestreaming Tools Are Best for Your Business?

What Livestreaming Tools Are Best for Your Business?

Author: Alex Yong / Source: Small Business Trends As business owners experiment more with live video, the choices in livestreaming tools

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As business owners experiment more with live video, the choices in livestreaming tools are becoming increasingly diverse. For software and accessory makers, word of mouth and user acquisition are crucial to solidify top-of-mind status early on, before the market for SMB livestreaming tools reaches oversaturation and eventual consensus.

Selling points you’ll hear will range from cloud convenience to budget-conscious rental rates and everything in between. Expanding on this discussion, Luke Watson spoke with Small Business Trends at the offices of Roker Labs to narrow down live video innovations you should be aware of.

With 10 years of experience in the worlds of celebrities, influencers, movies and music and connecting people to their passions, Watson has long recognized the power of live streaming video. As director of Roker Labs (a unit of Al Roker Entertainment, Inc.), he pioneers new technologies and methods to transform viewers into participants across leading social broadcast platforms, such as Facebook Live, Twitch, and Twitter.

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Small Business Trends: Hey Luke, so you’ve tried most of the tools, new and not so new. Sometimes I think you’ve tried them all. Which ones stand out?

Luke Watson: Ben Ratner and I came up with this. Team effort.

Telescope [Telescope, Inc.; Telescope.tv] is customizable and allows you to do cool and innovative things, circumventing Facebook’s native limitations. It allows you to do comment-based polling and reaction polls on Facebook, and branded lower thirds and title cards. It lets you highlight comments as video overlays.

EasyLive [Easy Live, Inc.; Goeasylive.com] is a Facebook partner service similar to Telescope. It allows more overlays and its tech magically keeps your stream alive if you experience dropped connections. No one else seems to offer that. As a cloud service, you can easily send any graphics to them. EasyLive’s price point starts at very affordable.

Grabyo [Grabyo Limited; about.Grabyo.com/facebook] is a cloud-based service that provides a mix of production and content distribution tools. Their specialty is in grabbing “yo” (your) clips from streams while they’re live and…