What People Want Out of Video Content

What People Want Out of Video Content

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You’ve got your ideas about what you want to promote in your video content. You’ve probably even already got a

video marketing strategy.



But have you given real thought to what your audience wants to see in your videos?

Sure, you’ve thought about how to make your videos more successful, and that requires thinking about audience reception to a degree. But you’re likely thinking only about how thinks like your video title or topic is going to affect whether your audience clicks “play.”

You need to think beyond these things and consider what your audience members are thinking when they see your video, and what they are looking for before they even come across it.

What does Joe Internet User want to see when he clicks “play?” When you have the answer to that and can deliver it, that’s when you are going to be truly successful with your content.

Here’s what we’ve found that most people are looking for when they are watching videos:


Surprise: People on the Internet want to be entertained!

Even more so when they are looking at video, which is very much like TV for most people.

You don’t need to create a full-on music video to be successful here, nor do you need to make a Hollywood-level short. But you should make content that is funny, interesting, or engaging in some way.

This can be as simple as filming a Q&A with someone interesting in your industry and having a witty back-and-forth. Or you could create a tutorial with funny commentary along the way.

You don’t have to be a pro to get attention. People loved Bob Ross, and all he did was paint landscapes while narrating in a peaceful voice and talking about “happy clouds.” Stick to your own brand personality and voice, and let your audience come to you. Just be entertaining in your own way.


If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that people have an insatiable hunger for…