7 Ways CEOs Should Engage on Social Media

7 Ways CEOs Should Engage on Social Media

Author: Zac Carman / Source: Entrepreneur It’s important for businesses to stay engaged on their social media accounts so they can respon

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7 Ways CEOs Should Engage on Social Media

It’s important for businesses to stay engaged on their social media accounts so they can respond quickly to negative feedback and keep customers happy.

At my company, ConsumerAffairs, we have a team that monitors, engages with and posts content on our social media accounts manually. In addition, I personally manage my own social media accounts and stay actively engaged with my social media platforms.

Here are my rules for engaging on social media as a CEO.

1. Monitor social media using listening rooms

Social media has become such an important part of marketing that how to manage, interact with customers and build loyalty with social media sites is now part of the curriculum at schools like the University of Georgia.

CEOs must proactively invest, monitor and participate in the conversations that bubble up online in a meaningful way. One common way to do that is by setting up social media listening rooms and forums. For instance, larger companies like Coca-Cola maintain social media “war rooms” where they acknowledge complaints, fix them and recognize the customer who brought it to their attention. Management teams monitor all sites for negative reviews and comments that they can nip in the bud and respond to before reputational damage can set in and impact brand perception.

2. Decide on a social media identity

There’s a natural inclination to separate your business and personal accounts, but really, that just creates more work and takes away your credibility. I don’t have a ConsumerAffairs CEO account. When I tweet or post, it’s from my personal account.

If you’re serious about being a CEO, then you need to be real about who you are on social media and what you tweet or post at all times. It doesn’t help business or progress if you’re switching between two social media accounts. Your public persona as a CEO should be authentic, which eliminates the need for separate business and personal accounts.

3. Consolidate all social media accounts onto one platform

Buy a platform that enables you to consolidate what’s happening in all social media accounts. Although we use LinkedIn for recruiting and Facebook is a great platform for us to share our internally produced news content, we aggregate all social media accounts under one hood, which is managed by our marketing department. This helps us learn from the various platforms and monitor all the accounts.