Winners Begin to Emerge in the Battle Royale for Account-Based Marketing Domination

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It’s the one element most online marketers believe every B2B business must have. Account-based marketing is the hot area for service providers, with B2B vendors across all industries rushing to add it to their suite of online solutions. As businesses scramble to find the perfect vendor to meet their needs, they can quickly become overwhelmed by the many providers promising to be the best.

A few weeks ago I attended Dreamforce and had the opportunity to meet with some of the best companies in sales and marketing in the world.

As business leaders are rapidly realizing, every provider claims to be a market leader, making it extremely difficult to determine which solutions truly are the best. But there are a few bona fide leaders in the industry that have emerged in recent months.

Here are some of the best based on their specialties.

Software industry leaders like Hubspot, Eloqua, and Pardot may be rushing to market with account-based marketing features, but their competitor Marketo has already taken center stage in the field. In its debut version, Marketo gives marketers the power to target and manage accounts, engage target accounts across channels, and measure the revenue impact on that targeting.

Outbound: LeadGenius

Traditional marketing has long made the mistake of choosing one contact person at each organization. LeadGenius wins outbound efforts by pinpointing all of the key decision makers at each organization. This allows your business to add people to your existing databases, then reach out to them. The right data can make all the difference in your business’s outbound marketing efforts, providing stability, consistency, and predictability to your team’s sales pipeline.

Predictive Marketing Analytics: Radius

Radius is a great choice for businesses that already have a robust CRM, filled with contacts within your target demographic. This software uses that existing data to help you create a winning campaign. Through predictive analytics technology, automation tools can look at various factors to determine which leads are most likely to convert. There are many other tools on the market that provide predictive analytics as a feature, including Infer and 6Sense, but Radius wins this category because its solution includes predictive analytics in the account-based marketing context.

Content Creation: Contently

A sound content marketing strategy is far more complex than many professionals realize. Even once you have a strategy in place, it needs to grow along with the business. Simply increasing your content marketing budget won’t be enough. Contently can create an account-based marketing solution unique to your own goals. In addition to growing along with you, you’ll also need a tool that can hyper-personalize your content to each audience, which makes a service like Contently an essential part of your account-based marketing toolkit.

Website Personalization: Triblio

Local retailers have a storefront that draws customers in to look at their products. For B2B companies, however, that storefront is most often its website. It’s the first thing a prospective client sees when researching what a business does. All too often, though, businesses don’t properly leverage their website as a lead-generation tool. In addition to making it easy for clients to get a call from a sales representative, your website should give visitors exactly the type of information they need. Triblio wins in this category, letting businesses customize their messaging, content and calls to action by pre-specified account segments.

Sales Enablement: Seismic

The push for personalization is as strong as the push toward account-based marketing. Brands that want to remain competitive must find a way to send the right message to each buyer during the sales process. Armed with the right technology, you can qualify each buyer using account-based management-centric metrics, including identifying the exact length of time of each visitor’s engagement. The end result is that brands are fully informed on the activity of each account, which helps them identify where they might need to focus their attention.

Account-Based Advertising: Demandbase

Display advertising is still an important part of reaching customers and Demandbase has the account-based part of that covered. Demandbase delivers ads specifically to your targeted accounts as those customers move from one website to another. Although you may pay a higher CPM, each message will target the right accounts, making it far more effective than traditional “spray and pray” methods of advertising. Demandbase is one of the original champions of account-based marketing and continues to dominate the field today.

With all of the current hype surrounding account-based marketing, it can be easy for businesses to be led astray. By researching all of the technology options, businesses can build the right selection of tools to effectively deploy account-based marketing campaigns. The best results will come when a business uses account-based strategies to supplement their existing efforts.

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