4 Steps to an Unforgettable Social Media Strategy for B2B Companies

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I’ve successfully used Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter to generate leads and sales for my digital marketing agency, The Media Captain. Social media has been one of the most instrumental marketing tools for my company’s growth. I’ve also deployed successful social media campaigns and strategies for hundreds of other B2B companies.

For those that say social media can’t be profitable in the B2B community community, my response to the naysayers is simple: You aren’t deploying the right strategy across the right channels with compelling content.

Social media is about storytelling and distribution. My job is to explain to everyone in the business to business community how simple generating business from social media can be.

1. Follow your prospects.

Let’s say you are at a trade show in Las Vegas. You are collecting a ton of business cards and you have every intention of sending follow-up emails to your prospects once you get back home. Here’s the problem though — everyone sends off an email. You can instantly get in front of new potential clients by following them immediately on social media. See which channel they are most engaged with. If it’s Instagram, for instance, don’t only show you follow you prospect; you should also engage with their content. If they have a small social media following, which is the case with most B2B businesses, they’ll value the engagement and they’ll likely follow you back. This will mean that you’ll continuously be top of mind to the business that you’re trying to have sign the dotted line.

2. Enhance your email signature.

Why are email signatures so darn boring? It seems like every email signature says, “Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.” Is there some rule in the handbook of your business that says you can’t be creative?

Above your email signature, include a “P.S.” message in the byline. For example, at the end of every one of my emails, what if I included the following message?

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Guess what? I have deployed the strategy above with the P.S. message above my email signature. It dramatically increased traffic to my blog from my target demographic — every current or prospective client. I’ve…