Colorado Potatoes ramps up millennial video marketing campaign

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Building on the success of its earlier 2016 video that featured a “fast hands” presentation of Colorado Waffle Iron Potatoes, the marketing arm of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee is releasing video instructions for Potato Noodles, what Assistant Director Linda Weyers and Marketing Administrative Assistant Savannah Schlaufman described as “a new way to eat potatoes.”

Potato Noodles will be featured in a Colorado Potatoes video campaign running on social media for the next three months. Chef Jason Morse from 5280 Culinary in Denver provides a detailed step-by-step version of the recipe. Photo courtesy of Colorado Potatoes.

Though the video has appeal to all ages/demographics, Weyers and Schlaufman said the target of this three-month campaign, which launched in early December, is the expanding buying power of Millennials —individuals born between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s

Produced through a partnership with ABC Channel 7 in Denver, the campaign features a two video format. One is a “fast hands” recipe version for social media, with ABC handling placement. It will be used as a pre-roll ad leading into…