How to Market E-Commerce in 2017

How to Market E-Commerce in 2017

Author: Steve Olenski / Source: Marketing Insider Group In Marketing Strategy We’re three months into the New Year and do you know where

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How to Market E-Commerce in 2017

In Marketing Strategy

We’re three months into the New Year and do you know where your ecommerce marketing stands? Do you have a measurable strategy that is working for your brand? What do the stats and analytics tell you? Here’s a professional checklist to help you stay focused on the essentials that will boost your marketing efforts and help you reach your team goals:

To Measure Means To Improve

What is measured can be improved. This is intuitive knowledge for most ecommerce marketers, but it isn’t always at the top of the list. When you’re ready to introduce a new marketing strategy or procedure, you want to be able to back it up with previous data that indicates your idea has a solid foundation. “This will work, because something like it in the past worked.”

You have to build on what has gone before, after you’ve analyzed it and run the algorithms and done your statistical research. It may not sound glamorous, but it’s a basic key to marketing success for any brand or product, especially for ecommerce, where patterns are so important to driving traffic.

Concentrate On Your Marketing Strategy

Has this ever happened to you? You and your team brainstorm some terrific ecommerce marketing ideas, then write them up into a cohesive plan — and then allow external demands and challenges to interfere with your vision and goals until the original plans are put on the backburner, never to be fully implemented. Don’t let that happen.

You can be…