How to Measure the Success of Your Marketing Videos

How to Measure the Success of Your Marketing Videos

Author: Julie / Source: The Video Marketing Blog How do you know if your marketing video is a success or if you’re taking the right next

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How do you know if your marketing video is a success or if you’re taking the right next step to optimizing your content? Look to video metrics — they measure your results and are a sign of whether or not you’re reaching your business video goals.

Before you can start measuring…

  1. Define a goal — What should your video content achieve? Is it to encourage people to download an e-book, deepen engagement on social media, or educate customers on your website?
  2. Pick a target audience — Who do you want to watch the video and what is their persona?
  3. Identify a your key metrics — What is your goal? Your key metrics should tell you if your goals are being met. If you are focusing on too many metrics, then your goal might be too broad and need refining.

When your business is clear about what goal its wants video content to achieve and who the video is for, then that will inform how and where you share your online videos for the greatest reach and impact possible.

We chose 3 of the most common goals for marketing video and go over what you should know about tracking and using their metrics to measure performance.

Because of its visual format and the popularity of online video in social media, video marketing can be very effective in raising brand awareness. Although it’s a common video goal, it can be hard to track.

What to measure

Mentions, shares, comments, conversations, etc. One way to measure brand awareness is to track video shares and the number of times your business appears in social mentions and conversations in a given amount of time following a video launch.

Video views. This metric is not a direct reflection of the audience size that the video reached, but it does reveal how the video performed in relation to other pieces of content.

How to measure

Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube provide tools for seeing metrics such as video views, likes, reach, watch time, and engagement. You should also try doing a Google search of your business name to see if it’s creating conversation elsewhere.

Video can be a…