How to Use Reviews to Grow Your Business

How to Use Reviews to Grow Your Business

Author: Thomas Smale / Source: Entrepreneur Image credit: Shutterstock | Enhanced by Entrepreneur Customer reviews lend credibility to y

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How to Use Reviews to Grow Your Business
Image credit: Shutterstock | Enhanced by Entrepreneur

Customer reviews lend credibility to your product or service. When prospects come to your website, and they see that real people use your products and have had good things to say about your offerings, they’re more likely to buy from you.

But, how do you get those good reviews in the first place? How can you leverage them to grow your business? Here are several strategies.

Get bloggers to review your products and give your SEO a boost.

One of the most important ranking factors in Google is backlinks. So, your link-building strategy should include contacting bloggers to review your products.

You can try going after popular review sites like MakeUseOf, or Thanks, Mail Carrier. Another good approach — especially when you’re first getting started — is to contact bloggers who are either new to the scene or aren’t yet well known. Googling product reviews in your niche should turn up some results, and your chances of getting a review will be higher if you start with low-hanging fruit.

When bloggers review your products, they will likely link back to you. See if they would be willing to use specific anchor text to link to you. By varying up your keywords, you can rank for more terms you deem important for your business instead of just having everyone link to your homepage using the same anchor text.

Another good way to encourage bloggers and other entrepreneurs to review your products is to create an affiliate program. For instance, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income actively promotes products like Bluehost, Leadpages and ConvertKit, among others, because he is an affiliate. In some cases, he has also done in-depth reviews for these products, because he earns a commission on sales. A financial incentive can be great for getting business-minded people to review your product.

Get your best customers to review your products.

When you’re looking to get more reviews for your products or services, don’t forget to ask your customers. No need to beat around the bush. Ask directly through your email campaigns, or even iin person if applicable.

Many businesses feature customer testimonials or reviews right on their homepage. Consider the example of GetResponse, a popular email marketing software. On its home page, you can see quotes and featured stories from the likes of Reno Van Boven of Yoonla, and Peep Laja from CXL.

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